Drug wars against South America

Jenna Hughes,Katelynn Rector,Brenton Peters

Drug war

How many innocent men,women and children died in 2012 alone from drug abuse and drug related problem ,the number can't ever be counted .This should be are nation alarm .this should be our personal alarm.The s.a. Drug cartel it's slowly but surely coming into Texas and East Texas something more must be done to stop this deadly problem.

by: Brenton peters

What I learned...

I learned that a lot of people have died over drug trafficking. I also learned all sorts of drugs so if I walk in to a trap then I can call the police immediately.

By: Jenna Hughes

What I learned

I learned that many people have died from drugs.There are many was that people can smuggle drugs into East Texas and texas

What I learned

I learned that there was a lot of drugs smuggled in East Texas.Also I learned that there was a lot of people arrested.

By:Brenton peters