What's New in C2...

Think... Innovate... Create... Week of 12-18-15

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Dr. Freeman reads "Twas The Night Before Christmas" to our Sweet C2 learners! :)

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Twinsies... We loved getting to wear our festive pjs! :)

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C2 reads to PRS POPPIE Learners!


Preparing Our Preschool Patriots In Every Way

C2 In Action...

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A little Christmas fun... Turn your teacher into a "Snow woman"...

Mark Your Calendar...

Friday, Dec. 18: Class Parties/Last day of school

Tuesday, Jan. 5: Learners return to school

Tuesday, Jan. 12: PTSA Board Meeting

Monday, Jan. 18: No School - MLK, Jr. Holiday

A little bit about our learning...

  • RI 2.2: Main idea and details of story or passage
  • W 2.2: Informative and explanatory writing
  • L 2.1: Sentence structure
  • L 2.1d: Irregular Verbs


  • 2.OA.1: Word Problems (one and two-step with addition/subtraction to 100)
  • 2.OA.4: Use addition to find objects in rectangular arrays with up to 5 columns and up to 5 rows. Write an equation to express the total sum of equal addends.
  • 2.OA.2: Arrays (addition and multiplication)
  • 2.MD.3 Estimare lengths using units of inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.


  • 2.OA.1: Word Problems (one and two-step with addition/subtraction to 100)
  • 2.OA.2: Arrays (addition and multiplication)
  • 2.OA.4: Use addition to find objects in rectangular arrays with up to 5 columns and up to 5 rows. Write an equation to express the total sum of equal addends.
  • Geometry


"Ecosystems" subsection

  • 2.5: Plan and carry out an investigation to determine the growth needs of plants
  • 2.6: Design and construct models to simulate how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants
  • 2.7: Obtain information from literature and other media to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things and that they exist in different places on land and in water

Playground Progress

We couldn't be more excited about our playground! When we return in January, the coaches will give learners an orientation to the playground, and then we will be able to play!

Weekly Wonderings from C2...

Things Miss Alexander's learners want to know...

Things Mrs. Davis' learners want to know...

What a great week to cap off the year 2015!

We've learned about and explored 3 new apps:

1) Educreations
2) ScreenChomp
3) Little Story Creator

Check these out over the break!

We've also had learners branching off to do independent projects based on our learning about castles...

One learner is busy creating a 12th century concentric castle replication using the game "Minecraft."

Another group of learners have written a script and are busy filming their own promotional add for Castle Real Estate. Their goal is to create a comical commercial to sell the wonderful aspects of a castle to modern consumers.

Check out more about how we are gaining new knowledge through the process of thematic based learning on our newest blog posting - http://www.makingthinkers.com/2015/12/learning-how-to-research.html

Things the "Franklop" learners want to know...(Franklins and Waldrop's)

As we continue to construct our knowledge on the changes in the trees around us our learners continue to design and plan their Wonder Bubbles based on their key question.

Here are some things they wonder:

"Why do leaves change color?"

"How does a seed grow into a tree?"

"Why do trees have branches?"

"How do trees lose their leaves and grow them back?"

"How does a tree take in carbon dioxide and change it to oxygen?"

"Why do pine trees have pine needles instead of leaves?"

Beginning in January we will pairing students up with one another and assist them as they think, research, and begin to brainstorm what their findings inspire them to create. We are excited to see what this will become... :)

Things Mrs. Housley's learners want to know...

Each learner has chosen a more specific topic to research. We've begun using many, varied resources (books, Alabama Virtual Library, magazines, etc.) to find information.

  • What are deciduous trees?
  • What are rubber trees?
  • What are pine trees?
  • What are redwood trees?
  • How do trees have bugs inside of them?
  • What are peach trees?
  • What are sycamore trees and redwood trees?
  • What is a juniper tree?
  • What is a Fraser Fir?
  • Why do leaves change color and fall off?
  • What is the life cycle of a tree?
  • Why does a tree have bark? How does a tree make sap?
  • What are the different kinds of leaves?
  • How does a tree make sap?
  • What foods come from trees?
  • How does sap help animals?
  • How do trees give animals habitats?
  • Why is sap sticky?
  • Why do trees have bark?
  • What are redwood trees?
  • How is paper made?
  • Why do trees need leaves?

Things Mrs. Steindorff's learners want to know...

Have You Checked FreshGrade lately?

As we end our first semester, lead learners are working diligently to update your child's portfolio on Fresh Grade. We have been working with the learners to complete midyear "check-ups" on assessments given to them at the beginning of the year. We want you to see how much your child is thriving in 2nd grade! We've also found that viewing Fresh Grade on a computer may be able to offer a better view than using a mobile device.

What's for Breakfast...

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What's for lunch...

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