Jackson is a hero

Make sure to vote for him in the next election.

He created a Political party to support ordinary people!

When Jackson was running for president, he created a political party called the Jacksonian Democrats. The party supported ordinary people and believed in states rights.
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He destroyed the national bank!

When Jackson found out that the national ban was still running, he was furious. He immediately went to the National bank and destroyed it. He did not believe that National banks were good because they only supported the rich. Go normal people.
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He helped us win the battle of New Orleans.

When the British stole our ships, we went to war with them. Jackson led more than 100 soldiers and the British had more than 1,000 soldiers to battle with. Well the Americans won that battle because of Andrew Jackson!
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Andrew Jackson: The First Imperial President
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Jackson slaying Monster

In this cartoon, Jackson is slaying the rich people because he belives that the normal people should be government and not the rich.