the battle of cambrai

a war to remember




  • Date

    • Month- November

    • Day- 20

    • Year-1917

    • Winner of the battle:Britain

Generals in charge

  • Allied Forces- General Julian Byng

  • Central Powers-Georg Von Marwitz

Interesting anecdotes or facts about the battle

  • The offensive was launched on November 20, 1917, with 476 tanks and over a thousand guns.

  • was the first large scale tank battle in history.

# of troops for both sides

  • Allied Forces- 40,000

  • Central Powers-53,000

Notable technology/weaponry used

  • tanks

  • airplanes

the geography of the area and how it affected the outcome of the battle (weather, seasons, type of climate, night/day,etc.)

  • The chosen terrain, rolling chalk down land

  • Bad weather, so probably winter

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Indicate preceding battle and subsequent battle

  • Battle before-

Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo

Battle of Caporetto

Third Battle of Gaza

Battle of Beersheba

Capture of Tikrit

Battle of Mughar Ridge

Battle after-

Raid on Zeebrugge

Third Battle of the Aisne

Battle of Cantigny

Battle of Chateau-Thierry

Battle of Belleau Wood

Make a list of things to do while visiting the site of this battle

  • Are there any tours offered of the site?

    • Yes

  • interesting talks or reenactments?

    • Yes there have been reenactments

  • What should visitors specifically spend time touring

  • The Eiffel tower

  • Or just France in general

Surrounding countries & cities:

  • local roads: annuex and the cora cambrai mall

other locations to visit by the battle site (historical sites, shopping, other attractions)

the eiffel tower

the pizza city of cambrai

the palace of versaii