Old Town Star Staff News

February 8th through February 19th

Our ROCK STAR of the WEEK is...

Name: Alicia Guevara

Current Gig: Kindergarten

Personal Life: Married to my pastor husband, Simon

Mom of 5 kids: Ruben-11, Milo-9, Sabrina-7, Adele-6, Harvey-4
(four of five of them go to OTE) I'm third born of 12 kids. I try and get together with my siblings and their kids at least once every year--my family now includes more than 50 people!

One word to describe yourself and why: I hope most people view me as approachable. Life can be great--I love celebrating with people! Life can be hilarious--I love laughing with friends and seeing the humor in a situation. And honestly, life can be really really hard--I love when people can feel comfortable enough to share their tough times with me too. I do my best to walk alongside others as a true friend.

Most interesting job: I worked in a huge state library every summer while I was in college. I checked in government documents and periodicals that would have call numbers sometimes 30 or more characters long. It was such a DETAILED job, so contrary to my natural character, but really helped stretch me as a person to care about details and minutia. **Ask me to tell you my most embarrassing moment story that happened at this library.

Favorite hobbies away from school: I bake #breadysugars often, I love running in the early mornings (thus,burning off the MOST of the sugar), and I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family and friends outside or snuggled on the couch with popcorn and a movie night. I also try and support the youth at our church as much as I can!
Favorite song: Defying Gravity from the Broadway show Wicked **Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity...
If I wasn't at Old Town, I'd..: Be a concierge at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan... no cars allowed, only horses and bikes. The pace is slow, Lake Michigan is beautiful... the fudge is tasty. Mackinac truly feels like a permanent scene from Somewhere in Time.

Growth Mindset for Math - Mistakes
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Next Week...

Monday, Feb 8

Mya to District Interviews (PM)

Zero the Hero assembly - Kg

Cub Scouts Mtg 6:30pm

Tuesday, Feb 9

Mya to Principal’s Mtg (AM)

Progress Reports go home today

3rd grade PBL Planning (PM)

Student Council Mtg 2:45pm

PTA Reflections 6:30 (PAC)

Wednesday, Feb 10

Jessica to TELPAS Training (AM)

5th grade PBL planning (PM)

Happy Birthday Mitt McGuire!

Thursday, Feb 11

Variety Show forms due today!

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

District Visitors to Next Gen Classrooms 8am-11am

Principal’s Brown Bag 12pm (4th Grade Parents)

Friday, Feb 12

MOY BAS window closes - Kg

CAT Mtg 8am

Leslie’s to ITS Mtg

Kg-2nd SST (review Tier 2 students)

Classroom Valentine’s Day parties

Happy Birthday Sherrie Robinson!

Friendly Reminders To...

Keep those Burning DL Questions coming at this link!!!


Please remind parents that no video/photos are to be taken during classroom events as a courtesy to all families who have not given video/photo permission. However, photos may be taken of their own children!

T-TESS Teachers: The window for completing your T-TESS Goal Setting document in eduphoria is a two- week window that will open Monday, March 21st and close April 1st. We share this information early to give you the time needed to gather the evidence you used to support attaining your goal! We are here to support you throughout this process, so please let us know if you need help with anything.

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From Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention...

From all the ways we put our thinking and theirs on display to what we say and do to foster and find significance in student thinking, we’re letting kids in on who we are, what we expect from them (and ourselves), and what we believe about teaching and learning.

Super Star Shout Outs!

Warm appreciations to Mrs. Fincher and Mrs. Hermansen for a terrific choral performance by our First Grade Texans! And again to Kathryn and the Family Math and Science Night Committee for your great work in coordinating another fun-filled family event! Thank you again to Emily and the Science Fair Committee for introducing the STEM Fair project idea to our students!!!

Be sure to thank your families who contributed to the PTA Luncheon on Wednesday!

BIG KUDOS to Amy Privott for your great work in helping us move our writers to higher levels through effective conferring within our Writing Workshop time!

GINORMOUS THANK YOU to each member our School Leadership Team for your contributions and participation during our Dual Language to World Language Retreat on Thursday! With your leadership, we will continue to make Old Town the destination elementary campus in RRISD!

As always, thank each of you for another fantastic week of teaching and learning!

Have an AWESOME weekend everybody!!!

The Week After....

Monday, Feb 15

Presidents Day/Staff Dev.

Happy Birthday Kerrie Bennett!

Tuesday, Feb 16

STAAR Ready window opens 3 & 4 reading/5 science

RRISD 16/17 teacher transfer window opens

Jessica’s to AP Mtg AM

2nd PBL planning AM

Environmental Art Club Mtg 3pm

SXSWedu & EdTech Austin Event @ The Thinkery 6pm-8pm

Wednesday, Feb 17

Mya’s Coaching Day

Popcorn Day

SLT Meeting at 3:05pm

Thursday, Feb 18

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

5th grade Parent Info Night @ Walsh MS 6pm

RRISD Board Mtg 6pm

Friday, Feb 19

CAT Mtg 8:00am

SST’s 3rd-5th (review Tier 2 students)

ACChaos Visitors

Sunday, Feb 20

Happy Birthday Josie Morales!

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Old Town Elementary Vision & Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking