May 2016

6 Weeks and Counting!

It's the final leg of a race, the last 3 miles of the marathon, the last sprint towards the finish line - you can do it - you got this! Our students need you to cheer them on as they strive for success in the final weeks of school, sit for PARCC, AP Tests, SAT, HSA tests and Quarterly Exams; our students need you to remind them that they are good enough to achieve success in each of their classes. You are the coach and the students are the players, let them know you are on the same team!

Glen Burnie High School - Where SUCCESS is the ONLY Option!


Positive Behavior Referrals

Even the small things count! Take a couple of minutes to recognize the good that our students do each and every day. Complete a positive behavior referral, or two, each week to recognize the Great Gophers we have at GBHS!

Attendance Counts

Continue to complete Attendance Alerts for students who are not attending your class. You received the form at the beginning of the year and should continue to complete these in order that we can address attendance issues with students and families.


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Live Binder

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