Missouri State Aquatics

Spring Update

A Message from Ethan, Sara, Kaitlin, & Blair

We wanted to check in again with everyone. We hope you are all well and have gotten the hang of this stay at home life. Hopefully we are all staying active! There is not much new in the way of timelines, but I’ll try to update you as best we can.

We still do not know exactly when we can return to the pool, but are still hopeful of getting back in some form or fashion this summer. USA Swimming has a meet ban through May, and will make decisions on June and July in a couple weeks, but most of the national level meets are in jeopardy for the summer.

Once back, we are already working on creative solutions for practices and competition. As always, we will keep you posted on any new developments. In the meantime, we are going to keep everyone connected through zoom gatherings, goal meetings, and social media. Please make sure you are following Missouri State Aquatics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you are not already. We will use our social media platforms to keep everyone connected, do activities, and promote MSA as things get started again. Stay in the loop, have fun, and spread the word!

We’ll be reaching out in other ways over the next couple weeks, but if we haven’t heard from you in a while please reach out and let us know how you are doing. If you need anything, please let us know!

Team Spirit Week: May 11-15

This particular weekend we would have had our first long course meet in Oklahoma. Since we are safe at home, let's do a virtual spirit week through social media. We will use the hashtag #MSAspiritweek

Monday: MSA Team Gear. Wear your favorite team shirt/jacket/parka/etc.

Tuesday: Cap and Goggles. Wear your team cap (or favorite cap) and goggles.

Wednesday: Meet Shirt. Wear your favorite meet shirt.

Thursday: Equipment Bag. Wear your suit and as much equipment as possible!

Friday: Hawaiian. This would have been the first day of the Jenk's Aloha Meet, if you haven't been before the deck and coaches are dressed up to match the meets theme.

We will do daily bio posts on our social media platforms. If your swimmer would like to participate fill out the form below

Make your Bitmoji Here

The bitmoji will be posted along with your answers to the bio

High School Seniors

On top of posting team member bios, we would like to honor our high school seniors.

Seniors if you have committed to a university let us know so we can brag about you! If the school you have committed to has or will make a post be sure to send that to us as well (see our post about Quinn). Also, if you are choosing to not continue your swimming, we would still ilke to honor you. After all, we are STUDENT-althetes first.