Gun Security

Keeping Kids Away From Unsecured Guns

Our Issue

The topic we selected was Gun Security and keeping children away from unsecured guns. Too many children in our everyday lives have access to deadly weapons in their homes. Many parents don't realize that their kids may know where these weapons are but don't realize the dangers. In fact, 40% of these gun-owning parents wrongly believed their children didn't know where their guns were located.

Root Causes:

  • Lack of knowledge of safe gun security measures
  • Lack of usage of safe gun locking devices


Goal Statement

We will inform gun owners about the importance of gun-locking devices. By creating an awareness campaign to reveal the dangers of children having access to unsecured guns, and proposing a bill to require trigger locks be included with all gun purchases in the state of Texas. We will reduce the amount of injuries and accidents from children handling guns.

Take Action Now!

  1. Make sure if you own guns that they have child-proof security measures. (ex: trigger locks)
  2. Before you let your children visit other peoples homes (including family members), ask if there is a gun in the home.
  3. Talk to your kids about the dangers of guns and what to do if they encounter one. Don't keep any guns you may own a secret.


  1. Talk to members of your community about gun safety measures
  2. Use social media to share your opinion on the issue. Use the hashtag #ONELOCKONELIFE


  1. Contact your representatives about gun security measures and ask questions.
  2. Attend conventions and stay informed about gun laws in your community and state.

Our Public Service Announcement

Gun Security PSA

What did we learn?

Andrea: I knew that gun security around children has always been a big issue, but I didn't know that there weren't any laws requiring safe and secured guns around children.

Angel: You need to make sure your guns are secure when you are around children.

Lily: I learned that there are a lot more accidents with children to having access to guns that I originally thought.

Sydney: I learned a lot about what goes on nationally with kids and unlocked guns. I also learned about all the options you have to properly secure a gun.

Taylor: I've learned so much about gun security and how the lack of it has affected so many lives. I've learned all the simple solutions to keep your kids safe.

About Us

We are The Senate Six, a group of ninth-grade students from Fort Worth, Texas, who attended iEngage 2019. Our names are Andrea, Angel, Lily, Sydney, and Taylor. After having a discussion about potential topics to study, we discovered that 4 out of 5 of us have had an experience where a child had access to an unsecured gun in their home. One fun fact about our group is we all have cultural differences and come from different backgrounds.

We believe that the issue of kids having access to unsecured guns leads to many accidents and injuries. We understand that this is a big and complicated challenge and we can't do this alone. However, we are confident that by creating an awareness campaign with the hashtag #ONELOCKONELIFE and proposing a bill to require trigger locks be included with all gun purchases in the state of Texas, we will increase awareness of the importance of gun safety.


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