Landmark Lowdown

September 19, 2022

English Class WIOA Applications - September 21 and 22!

This Wednesday and Thursday, as part of the Jobs and Careers Unit in English 10, 11, and 12 classes, students will have the unique opportunity to apply with the Division of Workforce Services Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) (enlarge flyer to the right).

There are numerous benefits for high school graduation, post-high school training, and job resources.

Students will need to know their social security number (no need for the card) to apply. If a student does not have a social security number, the parent's right to work number is necessary.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Counseling Survey


Would you help us to better serve our students by completing a short survey regarding career counseling? Please follow the link below.

Attendance - Absences and Tardies

  • At 3 Class Absences: A Chronically Absent Concern Letter will be sent via email and a phone call made to the parent/guardian.

  • At 4 Class Absences: A Chronically Absent Notification Letter and a text will be sent to the student’s parent/guardian signifying that with the next absence, the student’s class(es) will be dropped for the remainder of the current mini-term.

  • At 5 Class Absences: A Chronically Absent Administrative Meeting Letter and a text will be sent to the student’s parent/guardian signifying the class(es) have been dropped and the parent should contact an administrator.

  • At 7 Tardies Over All Classes: a tardy message is sent to parents.

  • Detention:
  • Students have the opportunity to serve at lunch or after school.
  • If a student is disruptive in detention, they will be removed without receiving credit for the detention.
  • How much time needs to be served at lunch detentions?
  • Tardy = 20 min.
  • Late Tardy = 40 min.
  • NOTE: Three tardies or two late tardies in one class period is equal to one absence.

If there are extenuating circumstances, please notify the administration.

Kelly Taylor (A-H)

Ignacio Garcia (I-M)

Alesha LeMmon (N-Z)

English Classes' Upcoming Field Trips

If your student is currently enrolled in an English 10, 11, or 12 class there are two upcoming field trips all will attend as follows:

Tuesday, September 27: students will receive a tour of Utah Valley University. They will be out of school from 9:15am - 11:15am.

Wednesday, September 28: students will attend MTech in Spanish Fork during their class period only. They will be expected to attend all other classes as normal that day.

Five Vital Behaviors to Live By

At Landmark High we have a guiding document that includes the five Vital Behaviors by which we live. We believe that following these principals will help students, faculty, and staff to be better and do better every day. The Vital Behaviors are:

Attendance - Positive Attitude - Productivity - Cooperation - Civility

Missing Assignments Report

As a school, two very important goals we have are STUDENT SUCCESS AND GRADUATION. The missing assignments report will be sent via email to parents every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each miniterm to better inform family of these assignments. We hope parents will speak with their student about PRODUCTIVITY to complete assignments in order to keep a passing grade so as to earn credit for classes.