Mrs. Reiber's Apple Newsletter

April 4, 2016

Important Reminders

  • Please check your child's Apple Binder on Monday night for important papers, Mailbox Monday papers, graded tests, etc.

  • Remember to return and/or pay for the spring school pictures asap. They came home last week with your student.

  • Please check your child's binder tonight for TWO very important items -
  • 1. Our class is making a class book about opinion essays. It will be published and available for purchase! Information about purchasing a book will be coming home on Monday. You do not have to buy a copy if you do not want to. Please sign and return the paper regardless of if you are buying a copy or not. All parent forms MUST be returned to me (even if you are not buying one) or else the company will not publish the books. Thanks!
  • 2. The 4th grade classes are taking a field trip to the Cleveland Natural Museum of History to learn about fossils for science and social studies class! The field trip is Thursday, April 14th and it will be an all-day trip. Please sign and return the permission slip, along with $6, by Friday.

  • There is a math test on Tuesday, April 5 for my math class. It is about fractions, the unit we just finished. A study guide was finished in class on Friday and students were encouraged to take it home over the weekend to study.

  • Our class is taking the computer MAP tests for the final time this year. We will test on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. There is nothing to study for specifically, but please encourage your child to try their best and come to school well rested.

Spelling Words - DATE CHANGE - It will not be on April 5, it will be April 12 instead.

The next spelling test will take place on Tuesday, April 5. The pattern is "homophone" words.

1. thrown

2. throne

3. pear

4. pair

5. night

6. knight

7. hole

8. whole

9.-13. students choose their own words

Bonus words:

14. microscope

15. minor

Special Awards

The Teacher Helper is Zachary!

This week's "V.I.P." Class Dojo point leader is Samantha!

Last week's Caught Card school-wide winner was Samantha!

The Clean Desk winners are TBD.


Happy Birthday, Quentin!
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