Pesticides why we keep them around.

And why we don't have them around all the time.

Pesticides surveillance, Their risks and how we can properly use them to help.

"Surveillance for occupational pesticide-related illness and injury is designed to protect workers by determining the magnitude and underlying causes of over-exposure to pesticides in the workplace. Surveillance also serves as an early warning system of any harmful effects not detected by manufacturer testing of pesticides." A lot of the pesticides that exist are harmful and we have to keep an eye on them. Even the ones that we use to help grow our crops tend to be more watched more closely. Why not watch them. They are everywhere in our environment. In order to not only protect ourselves we must watch to keep them away from areas that produce a lot of food and crops. They can potentially destroy the worlds farming economy. Pesticides are the one major threat to the world's farming system.

"Some pesticides that pose special risks to the environment or the public health are classified as restricted- use by the Environmental Protection Agency. A certified applicator has passed written exams demonstrating his or her knowledge about pesticide use and has met other licensing requirements." Not all pesticides are a threat to our economy. Some Are specifically used by farmers to make their crops grow faster, make them more ripe and help with the production speed of the crop.They do help the environment and can restore crops that other pesticides have destroyed or ruined. Pesticides are a benefit to our farming society and if used correctly can be a key role in advancing it into a better position.

"When used properly, pesticides offer a variety of benefits to our environment and can potentially take our farming now and take it up to the most important farming country. " The other side to that though is when using the pesticides you have to go through an exam saying you know what they are and how you will use them. Mainly because pesticides can damage the human body and our environment so bad that they can destroy entire sections of the area.

To sum it up pesticides can help our country and the world but can damage just as easily if we are not careful in how we use them.