SSR Project #3- Your Choice


What are you going to do.....A Book (Movie) Trailer it is!

You are going to make a book trailer for the book you read this month...YAY! These are short fun ways to show off your book. They are best when they are done creatively and with some thought behind it. Please look at that examples I provided as well as tons of other examples on the Internet to see how they are done.


Please follow all requirements and guidelines:

  1. BE CREATIVE! (but not obnoxiously over the top)
  2. The movie should be between 1:30- 5 minutes long
  3. It should be engaging and enticing. The point is to get someone to read it!
  4. It should include AT LEAST the author, the title of the book and a favorite quote
  5. Your video should convey the gist of the story in either your pictures or your acting skills
  6. You may anything else that you deem necessary to understand the book.

Here are some examples. Check them out!

Example #2-Animoto Book Trailer

This is an example I have done.

What can you use?

I'm sure you know tons of sites that you could make movie trailers with. If you want to use one that is not listed below, please see me FIRST! Some that I know are listed below. What ever you use needs to be able to be uploaded to Schoology.

  • Animoto (see above)
  • Photostory- usually installed on PCs, but can be downloaded. Easy to use.
  • Move Maker- Windows Computers
  • iMovie- Apple Computers
  • Vimeo

Before submitting THINK.....

-Does my book trailer stay true to the book?

- How well do the images and words in my book trailer work together?

- Is the pacing appropriate?

- Would I want to read the book based on this trailer alone?