2nd Grade Superstars!

Week of May 16, 2016

Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. McLaren, Mrs. Wright

Field Trip this Thursday!

Please make sure that if you drive your child to school or if they walk, they are at school no later than 9:10. Chaperones need to be at school by 9:10 as well. The bus needs to leave at 9:15. The children also need packed lunch in a disposable bag. Please do not send in any glass bottles. If you plan to meet us at the aquarium, you must have already handed in your clearances. Thank you for your understanding and we are so excited!!!


Monday - Math 18-1, Reading Response due Friday
Tuesday - Math 18-2, Read
Wednesday - Math 18-3, Spelling Worksheet, Read
Thursday - Spelling Test tomorrow, Reading Response due tomorrow

Language Arts

This is our LAST story for the year...also our LAST spelling list!

Our main story selection this week is Now and Ben. Our focus is words with oa, ow, ee, and ea. The children will also learn about prepositions and reading words with the long o and e vowel sounds. The essential question is "How is life now the same as and different from long ago?"

Spelling Words of the Week - List #30

Big image

Test on Friday 5/20

* Review spelling and do Reading Response early in the week...Thursday evening you will have some tired kiddos from our field trip!


This week we will begin learning 3-digit addition and subtraction. To finish out the year, the remainder of topics are multiplication and division. It's so important to review basic addition and subtraction facts, especially as we approach these last few topics.


Please continue to encourage your child to visit this website frequently. Thank you! www.firstinmath.com

Please check the website for the latest Home and School news - www.rhhsa.org


* Please review your child's homework nightly, and sign their homework book. Thank you.

Important Dates

5/19 Thursday - 2nd Grade Field trip to Aquarium

5/30 Monday - Memorial Day/No School

6/2 Thursday - Young Author Breakfast 8:30-9:15 AM ***SAVE THE DATE!

6/3 Friday- Field Day!

6/10 Friday - Last Day of School/Early Dismissal 12:15