always make good friends

Austin period 6 and 7

Analysis of the Development of theme

Freak and max had fun together. They played all over together. Even when the got in trouble with people like Loretta and Iggy. They went on wild adventures together and had tons of fun and that is why they all go together.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I do agree with the theme because. Even if Something happens to your friend you will still be with them at heart. Also at least you get to think about all of the memories you had with that friend or person that you were close to.


There was a boy his name was max and he lived with grim and gram. His grandpa and grandma. When he was younger he went to school with a kid named freak. then he found out that they lived by each other so they became friends. then max got kidnapped by his dad. so freak saved him and then freak passed away.