Historical places

By: Michaela Watts and Anna Wells

Top 10 Historic Places In DC

Fords Theatre

Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot by John Wilkes booth while watching a performance on April 14, 1865. There is now a museum dedicated to Lincoln on the basement level of Fords Theatre.
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Lincoln Memorial

Building is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln 57 years after he died. Martin Luther King Jr. did his "I have a Dream" speech. It has been the site of civil right demonstrations for nearly six decades.
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Arlington National Cemetery

This cemetery is 624 acres and has 400,000 graves that holds the bodies from the American civil war and other national conflicts. It also has the changing of the guard ceremony frequently.
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Gallaudet College Historic District

This college was founded in 1864 as the first national deaf/mute college. It is devoted to teaching the deaf and has amazing programs.
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White House

The White House has been known as the "Presidential Palace" and the "Executive Mansion" throughout history. The White House is visited by 60,000 people a day and is popular among tourists.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

This is the first memorial on the national mall dedicated to a non-President and an African American. This is a good memorial to see because it shows that race and color don't matter. That is what Martin Luther King was trying to spread.
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Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial is known as one of the most famous buildings in DC. The architect knew Jefferson's taste for classical buildings and built the memorial straight across from the White House.
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Library of Congress

The Library of Congress was first established by an act of congress in the 1800. Since then it has grown greatly. Although, with its success it was not opened to the public until November of 1897. It is now known as a "glorious national monument".
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to those who died in the Vietnam war. It is now known as a place of healing for those who lost a loved one in the war.
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Smithsonian Castle

James Renwick designed the Castle as the focal point of a landscape on the Mall. The building is constructed of Seneca red sandstone in the Norman style, also nicknamed The Castle.
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Why We Chose These Places...

We chose these places as the top ten places you should visit in Washington DC because they are major landmarks and monuments. All the places listed above are reminders of important historical events that we should remember throughout daily life. Hope you find these tips helpful!

How To Tour These Sites...

The best way to tour these sites is by walking. This ensures that you can get the full view of everything there is to see. If you take the tour by bus you will not be able to sight see as much. Walking makes sure you can see everything from different angles.

How To Have The Best Experiecne Possible...

To have the best experience possible while visiting DC you need to have fun! DC is full of cool monuments, and sites. By following our top ten places to visit you can ensure that you get the most out of your trip. All the sites listed above are interesting and famous places in DC. These are not only fun for people wanting to learn more about history, but also for families.