By. Maddy Timm


The second book of the Divergent series is even more action packed in the first. It features some new characters. Another big change in the movie is the setting. In the beginning of the book they go to Amity. When the Erudite find out where they are they come looking for them. When they are forced to run away they find safety with the factionless. While in the factionless not only do they learn more intelligence Tobias meets his mother, who was thought to be dead for many years. When they meet Tobias is not confident that his mother is trustworthy. When he decides the only way to survive is to join forces Tobias learns all of his mother's plans for Chicago and its people.


Why Should You Publish Insurgent?

Recently their has been a spike in teen books that have been turned into movies. For example The Giver, The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner. They all are about teens that go against their society for what is right. They typically don't have much support but when they start proving their point they become unstoppable. This is going to be the next big hit and I think you want to be involved.