Angela's Answers

for Plexus A-Team Ambassadors & Customers

April 2016 - Issue #3

7 Day Challenge Starts Soon!

We're starting up a 7-Day Challenge on April 24th! If you have any friends who have been curious to try Plexus, this is a great way to check-out the pink drink! Participants simply purchase a 7-Day Trial Pack of Slim and are then added to the closed Facebook group where they will be supported during their week's trial. Feel free to message me or your Ambassador if you have a friend who'd like to join in or if you have any questions!

Spotlight On: Breast Chek Kit

Looking for a gift for a Mother's Day gift for mom/aunt/sister/godmother? How about the gift of peace of mind you get from a regular breast self-exam?

A breast chek kit consists of two micro-thin layers of polyurethane with a non-toxic lubricant sealed in between. When the breast chek is placed on the breast, the bottom layer gently adheres to the skin and remains stable allowing the upper layer to slide freely underneath your fingertips. As the upper layer slides freely over the bottom layer, friction is greatly reduced. This results in what is called ‘sensory touch magnification.’ Or, in other words, your sense of touch is greatly improved, thereby improving the effectiveness of all breast self exams you do as part of your breast health program.

Diamond Documentary: Allissa Snyder's Story of Leadership & Friendship

Allissa Snyder | Diamond Documentary

Want to Be Part of Something HUGE?

Direct Selling News announced the 2016 DSN Global 100, the most prestigious ranking of direct selling companies in the world. Plexus leaped up TEN spots from the previous year to #46, which places us into the Top 50 GLOBAL direct selling companies for the first time ever! This also puts Plexus in the TOP 30 in North America, landing at at #28! Want to be part of this exciting growth? Talk to your Ambassador today about our wholesale opportunity.

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Your Ambassadors on the A-Team are...

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Megan Ice, Senior Ambassador

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