Japanese Imperialism

By: Alissa, Jodie, Will and Jonathan

Imperialism to 1900's

Japan had a lot of raw materials. They were importing materials from Asia, and exporting finished goods for money. They dominated the sale of manufactured goods. China didn’t want to trade with japan because Japan didn’t have anything that the Chinese wanted. But, Japan finally found something they did want. It was opium. Opium is a drug.

Sino-Japanese War

The first Sino-Japanese war was fought between Qing Yang and Meiji Japan. It was from August 1, 1894 to April 17, 1895. The reason for the war was that they wanted natural resources and trading rights. The second war was for the same reasons. But it was from 1904 to 1905. Japan won both of these wars.

Russo-Japanese War

This war was fought between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan. This war was started because they both wanted dominance over Korea. It was from February 8th to September 5th 1905. The Russians gave up their port to the Japanese. The Russians eventually broke off from the fighting and surrendered, so the Japanese won.

Japan 1941-1945 / World War 2

Japan December 1941-September 1945. When Japan told hitler they would conquer land in the Pacific. Germany laughed and so they proved their power by bombing pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, and today that day lives in infamy. When Japan destroyed Pearl Harbor they started to conquer the Philippines and part of China. Then Germany watched what they did and Japan gained authority, but it was too late because America just conquered Germany. On September 2 1945, Japan signed the Peace Treaty on the U.S.S. Missouri which is the last battleship ever built.
Japanese Expansionism Before and During World War Two (WWII) - Part 1