Falcon Focus

March 23 , 2015

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TED Talk

I love TED talks! They are short talks by experts in the field that give us an opportunity to listen in and learn!!! The above graphic on happiness is a screen shot from a TED talk on the secret to happiness at work. It is a 12 minute talk well worth your time. Click here to access the link.


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Next Few Meetings at a Glance - working agendas:

March 24th Agenda:

  1. Promethean Presentation (outside presenter),
  2. How Make-up snow days will be handled,
  3. New Teacher Appraisal System,
  4. To Do's and Surveys
  5. Math CFA Analysis, Please bring your students CFA assessments and third and fourth have Casey scan your scantrons before Tuesday afternoon - also, if the snow days put you behind on giving last week's CFA, then your team can delay analysis and do it on your own later in the week.
  6. Please bring your students' CFA's, laptop/ipad, and PLC journals for notes
  7. (Fourth Grade Providing Snacks)

  • 3/31: No Faculty Meeting (Fourth Grade Writing STAAR on 3/30 and 3/31)

  • 4/7: UTA education opportunities presentation, First grade VESTED showcase, analyze the grammar common assessment and possibly complete a reading response protocol (PTA providing snacks)

Thank you to.....

Tricia Dejonge for working so hard to gather a lot of MOY data for our Campus Improvement plan. I asked her to pull the data from TPRI, AIMSweb (Reading and Math), and CPAA for all five grade levels. She got all the information to you very quickly! Thanks!!!

Thanks to everyone that was able to get their grades in on time! It really helps with the timelines and administrative logistics to make it all work!!

Thanks for 100% attendance at last week's faculty meeting!! STAAR training is very important and your attention was very much appreciated!!!! Our update meeting will be April 14th! Let's go for a 100% attendance again!!

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Diabetes Video - District Requirement for third and fourth grade

To go along with our Diabetes prevention campaign next week, the district has made a five minute video to help inform and educate our students. Please find about 10 minutes next week to show the video and discuss the questions at the end. It will be a good way to kick-off the campaign and get some conversations started. It could be something you do in science or maybe your morning meeting.

The video is found on k-cloud. Simply log in to k-cloud and click on the Type 2 Diabetes Informational tile. Health services will track the viewing of the video next week (March 23rd-27th).

We appreciate your help!

Florence Collaboration Calendar Link

  • IMPORTANT LINK: Click here to access the collaboration calendar. School events, due dates, and important information are found on this calendar. We work hard to keep it updated. Thanks!
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Please complete the following survey on Convocation next year. Central Admin is interested in your opinion.

BrightBytes Survey - Need your Input

Our campus has been selected as part of our sample group to participate in an information gathering activity. The Texas STaR Chart for technology is no longer being mandated by TEA. However, in order to comply with House Bill 5 measures, our district will need to use another tool(s) to assess student, teacher, and parent perception relating to digital learning opportunities in Keller ISD. We would like your help in gathering data from you this next week using BrightBytes. Based on the results it could be a District Solution for next year.

I have sent out the parent link already. The Teachers’ link will be accessed through K-Cloud under the Teacher tools menu.

Thanks for your participation!!

Incentive Extended

In order to assist campuses with planning for the 2015-16 school year, Keller ISD is again offering an Early Resignation Notification Incentive of $750 to the first 100 teachers and other professional instructional staff such as counselors, librarians, diagnosticians, LSSP, nurses, etc. who submit a resignation/retirement letter to their campus principal by March 18, 2015. This early notification will help principals determine staffing and recruitment needs for next year. In addition, teachers who submit their letter by March 31, 2015 will receive an additional $250 for perfect attendance from April 1 through the end of the school year. To be eligible, the employee must be on a probationary, term or continuing contract.