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Pandora and Avon Try to Take Over The World

What do we do??

Pandora and Avon are trying to take over our world what shall we do??

Pandora and Avon trying to take over our world

Monday, March 9th, 9am

Washington, D.C., DC, United States

Washington, DC

The Natinal bank in Washington D.C has been robbed by the most evil villans you could ever imagain.......Pandora and Avon......

guards flying the sky!!!

All you could see from 2 miles away was cops and gaurds flying through the air from Pandora and Avons evil power

Avons gone..

Suddenly Avon had dissapeared from the sence when there most arch enamy "wonder women " arrives with her powerful lasso. Does wonder women and her lasso have the power to deaft Pandora and Avon.. will we live a free world or will we have to live under the rules of the most evil villains Pandora and Avon.......