Touch Screen

by Lauren Gomes

What are they?

Think of an iPad or iPhone and you're thinking of a touch screen. These devices changed the way we use phones and computers by getting rid of physical controls and replacing them with a screen you could control by touching virtual keys and buttons.

A touch screen panel is coated with a thin metallic electrically and resistive layer that causes a change in the electrical current when touched, which is registered as a 'touch event' and sent to the controller for processing. You can use a touch screen as an alternative to a mouse or touch pad.

Types of Touch screens

Different types of Touch Sreens?


Resistive-type screens lack the clarity of other touch screens but they tend to be very durable and can be used in a variety of environments.


Capacitive screens are resistant to outside elements.Unlike resistive and surface wave screens, which can be used with stylus, capacitive panels must be touched with a finger.

Surface Wave

Surface wave touch panels are the more advanced of the three types, offering the highest clarity. But they are more easily damaged by outside elements.

Touch screen monitor overlays?

Touchscreen overlays for both LCD and plasma screens are available, which fit over standard screens to give touch screen interactivity.

Touch screen and interactive whiteboards ?

Digital interactive whiteboards are used with a computer and projector to create up to a 96-inch touch screen display. Interactive whiteboards are available for use with finger touch, electronic pen and multi-touch. They are found in schools and in business.
The future of the touchscreen-technology