Immigration Stories

Jami, Alyssa, Will, Seth

(Seth) What did you learn from the different stories of immigration presented?

We have learned that people have gone through many pains to be able to get out of their countries and into ours. One such man, unnamed walked across the desert to sneak into America and get better work with only a coyote as his guide. Some similarities in stories are rather shocking. People talking about how much they detest illegal immigration while others support it whole heartily. Similar in people's stories on how they snuck across a border to be able to pay for their family to live. It is also shockingly different in how people can get across with ease and others are over with relative ease.

(Alyssa) What are some of the reasons a person may decide to leave their country of origin?

Most people leave their country of origin for a better way of life or a better economy. Jóse Torres Don left his country to find a better job and pay for his mothers dialysis. Other people leave there country of origin for freedom. Freedom of religion, race, and government are some of the major reasons why people leave their country.

(Jami) What are some challenges that an immigrant may face as a child, teenager, or adult? When would this transition be easiest?

A large majority of the reason people immigrate from the most 'safe and dangerous' country is because they cannot provide for or keep their family safe. The places that millions of people a year travel to in Mexico are some of the most beautiful and luxurious you will ever see, but the states you want to avoid are becoming increasingly risky to stay in. Visas are given to about 450,000 legal immigrants from around the world annually, and many are left out. Once you get your visa, the process takes years to actually get you into the country. A visa recipient, while getting the opportunity to relocate to a more stable area and provide for their families, also has a lot to leave behind. Leaving your family, friends, and home behind to go to a foreign country is a difficult thing. Lazaro Garcia was an immigrant from Mexico, and now he emphasizes the importance of living a life here legally to many that remind him of his younger self.

Younger immigrants moving with their families or on a student or family visa have the task of befriending their peers, getting a job of their own, or adapting to the culture of a new country. There is no way for anyone to say what age will make such a life change easiest. With each age comes a new set or responsibilities and challenges.

(Seth) How does immigration affect family structures? In what ways can they be reunited or seperated?

Immigration can utterly destroy families. A father could move to America and begin to make a living, enough to get his family over. They try getting across the border and are caught. They get deported back to Mexico and the father will never ever see his family again. Family's will just as often be reunited though. Sneaking across the border in the dead of night, not being caught and meeting with family members they haven't seen in years. There they start an entirely new life

(Will) What are the greatest challenges for newly arrived immigrants? What are the surprises they face as they get to know their new surroundings?

There are many challenges for new immigrants. A challenge is trying to get citizenship. One of the biggest problems is trying to find a job because they just came here and don't have a big history of jobs. Also trying to fit in and become friends with the people around them is a difficult thing to do, but if they moved to big cities such as New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C., they will probably fit in because of the different types of people there. Another small problem about moving is switching from meters to feet and for gas is swiping from liters to gallons. Some surprising things about America is how we treat people from different countries. We have made stereotypes which make people from different countries not be able to be grinds with people. Also if they are Mexican, people might think they came here illegally because they just think that way.