Integrity & Validity Tools for PBIS

Universal, Secondary & Tertiary

Integrity & Validity Tools Benefits

Treatment Integrity (TI) is beneficial in examining whether the intervention is being implemented as designed. The use of a treatment integrity tool and its data will assist with how one can instruct the implementer in delivering the intervention with more intent.

When conducting an intervention, it is important to gather information from all those involved on whether or not everyone within the program's thoughts align with how the intervention can and will be beneficial. If participants do not see how conducting an intervention may produce desired outcomes then the design of the intervention may not be implemented as hoped. Gathering Social Validity data can occur anytime during this process from the beginning, to the middle and at the end of an intervention.

A few other things to consider:

Social Significance – will this intervention improve the student’s quality of life? GOAL

Social acceptability –Do all agree that the intervention is necessary, appropriate, supports positive outcomes, minimally disruptive and worth the effort to attain the goal? PROCEDURES

Social importance –Does this intervention have the potential to produce socially important OUTCOMES?

Please feel free to use these tools to gather critical Treatment Integrity & Social Validity data to assess and improve your implementation of interventions.

Tertiary Tools