Tech in the Media

By Jordan Hardy

The Meaning of Media

When I think of the media I tend to think reporters and people with cameras taking pictures of celebrities, people on trials that are televised, and the president. You also hear media in things such as social media, media center, and many other places. The media I think of mostly is the press, and the “liberal media”. You always hear people talking about how the media is going to make a big deal out of this or that, and you know what they mean even though you do not understand the word. It fools us into thinking we know what it is even though we don’t. I tried looking up a definition of media, but there was no clear answer. It can refer to many things, and is developing new meanings all the time. Social media is a platform like Facebook where you can socialize. A media center is a place where computer databases and research centers are. The closest word I can use to describe media is knowledge. Information is the most powerful thing in the world, and the media provides it. To be literate in the media could mean being able to sift through what is true and false. There is so much information out there on the internet, television, and even in your school that is really not true. For every piece of false information there is also one that is true. So being literate in the media could really be a great thing that helps you out through your whole life.

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful
Coca Cola in their commercial "America is Beautiful" (2014) stated that the United States and her people are the most diverse, multicultural, and colorful people in the world; it is this trait that binds us together closer than anywhere else on Earth. Coke paints a mural of an America that is united through song, in any language, and that the love of country and neighbors is what keeps us strong; not conformity or a drab populace, but the fact that ours is a portrait hued with all of the colors in the crayon box (The sixty-four box too). With a patriotic but loving and accepting tone; Coke's intention is one of convincing people to accept their neighbors, coworkers, and friends, through Coke. Americans that drink Coke certainly, but also who accept others are the primary targets, while people who are perhaps not as tolerant and patriotic as others are being spoken to as well (Pepsi drinkers: you are not included).
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Cell Phones to be Implanted in Our Brains

Jordan Hardy

Wednesday April 2 2014

NEW YORK- Experiments with the idea of surgically implanting a cell phone into a human being’s brain to increase our connectivity with the world. All across the country, people have been nearly attachted to their phones, glued to the screens, ignoring others attempts to talk to them all because of their absorption into their phones! No more! Should the experiment at NYU, headed by Dr. Gucci Mane, go as planned, people will no longer be glued to the screens of phones; they will not even have to move their eyes to see the internet!

The first few rounds of testing have gone well, the three subjects who have volunteered to have the phone implanted have only had to move once, and that was only because they were developing a bed sore. How incredibly convenient it is when you have don’t have to move, think, nor feel anything at all. Dr. Mane explained to me on my last visit, “All our subjects are volunteers that are one hundred percent satisfied with our operation” and additionaly that, “We are taking the next step towards total mechanical intergration: becoming one with the internet”.

This all sounds wonderful, but this is still far off for you average every day humans, but it is there. With any hope, Dr. Mane will be able to complete his work and save the human race from its addiction to phones.

Watchman, Tell us of the Night

Mark Camphouse's Watchman tell us of the Night is a piece of literature originally composed to represent the plight of children being abused. 1984 is comparable because the Party abuses and takes advantage of the entire population of Oceania. In the beginning of the piece you can hear a childlike melody (think "nannny boo boo"). Using minor chords and triads that permeate throughout, always creeping in the background underneath the happy child rhythm, you really get the feeling that you are being watched by something dangerous, and completely out of your control. Even when the piece is ending up at the choral hymn Come ye Faithful, and the piece resolves at a high point at the resounding success as Winston rediscovers his humanity, ultimately, the Party wins and his humanity is stripped away just as he was returning from the dark. The piece closes with a flute saxophone duet that is ominous, dark, and solemn, just as in the beginning. Nothing Winston did will change anything.
At the beginning of the year my views on honestly most everything were rock solid. By this I mean that I literally thought that I was correct and other opinions were incorrect. This is not the correct state of mind to be in, and this is the primary skill I will take away from this class: open your mind. Unlike most classes this one has made me think (and that is a direct compliment to your teaching style), mostly about how to make a point. Leaving this room on wednesday of next week I will take with me a line of thinking that "if you cannot argue the opposite side then you dont really know what you are talking about". On a more literal level my perception of media has come into actually knowing what the word means. Media is simply a medium of information, and it is funny that at the beginning of the year I was unaware of that fact. In other lit classes we learned about things in a very convetional way. By this I mean that we never applied anything to what is happening today. Miss Cashwell's lesson on the hip hop culture and such was, surprisingly, very interesting because it was about a fight, and people do that all the time! Media Literacy is knowing your way around the sea of lies, gossip, and information that comes towards you each and every day. Macbeth also taught lessons not only of politcal treachory but also of the simple fact that a murder never goes unpunished, and that you are never invincible because there is always a catch.