How to see your Gmail groups

WHPS Tech Tip

Groups overview

You can use Groups to create email lists to easily send email, or share files and calendars with larger groups. These lists ensure the right people are getting the information they need from you.
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How to view your groups

When in Gmail, click the waffle/matrix for Google Apps. Select Groups. Alternately, you can directly enter as the url. When you arrive at Google Groups, you are taken to the home screen where you can easily access your groups or search for existing groups. The "My groups" button in the upper left corner will take you to a list of the groups you have created or are a member of. Click the WHPS logo or the word Groups to get back to the home screen. You can use the search bar to find groups or topics within groups.

How to be removed from or added to a group

You can click Leave this group if necessary, or to join a group, simply submit a Helpdesk request!