Madrid, Spain

the best place in spain


If you want to lose weight Madrid is the place to go. With fat free meat and lots of vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, red and green peppers and chocolate, are often eaten.People in Madrid like food just like we do. and just so you don't look weird lunch is around 2-3 o'clock.


There are many languages in madrid such as Castilian Spanish the most used language in spain Castilian, basque, Galician and around 4000 Arabic words. And a few people speak the language of the near by country France. writing isn't as important but you may need to know some basic spanish


When you go to Madrid be sure to remember your jacket. With an average winter temperature of 47 degrees and summers of around 68 degrees. And it isn't uncommon for temperatures to be about 37 degrees however it doesn't snow often, and it only rains from 24-40 inches a year.


Madrid is very popular and exciting as capital city of Spain. Of course they have many famous places like their amazing art museums. Plus there are many fiestas so you can always have a family party. one very popular thing for Spain in general is bullfighting. So you can enjoy many things in Madrid and you haven't heard everything!

Puntos de Referencia/Histórico Monumentos/Landmarks/Historical Sights

There are many famous places in Madrid like giant ancient churches called cathedrals or a castle from long ago. Or see some of the pieces of history in one of the many museums there. Or maybe the Royal Palace called the Palalio Real, one of the most visited places in Spain built in 1738 and is several storys tall.

Turismo/Actividades/Entretenimiento/Tourism/ Activities/Entertainment

Madrid has many places to visit so be prepared to extend your stay, you'll want to. Madrid is one of the most popular places in Spain with many like the beautiful Botanical garden. Also there is a famous soccer (futbol) team called Real Madrid the most popular team in Spain. And these are just a few reasons to travel there.



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