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April 2021- Honing Your Craft: SU21 Professional Learning

A Note From The AAMU/UAH RIC Director

Greetings #ALRegion3 Educators,

Welcome back from spring break! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off, and received some much needed rest. Wow, can you believe summer is rapidly approaching, and the 2020-2021 school year is coming to a close?!?! For many summer is a time to rest, reflect, renew & refocus. This year, I urge you to commit the gift of summer to engage in all four practices.

Rest (verb) -- cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

  • “Rest is not something that the world gives us. It’s never been a gift. It’s never been something you do when you’ve finished everything else. If you want rest, you have to take it. You have to resist the lure of busyness, make time for rest, take it seriously, and protect it from a world that is intent on stealing it.” excerpt from the book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less ~Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Reflect(verb) -- think deeply or carefully about.

  • “Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success.” Richard Carlson

Renew(transitive verb) -- to make like new: restore to freshness

  • "Self-renewal is the attention you give towards ensuring that your life is forward-moving, with every step bringing you closer to who you really are. It entails stripping away the old and stale so that you become increasingly aware of the purity of your true essence." ~A. Mah

Refocus (transitive verbs)-- 1.) to focus again 2.) to change the emphasis or direction of

  • "Leaders should get out of their comfort zone but stay in their strength zone. When their work lies within their natural gifting and strengths, leaders experience the greatest return in productivity and contentment. Life is too short to live in the comfort zone, where growing and accomplishing, and achieving your potential takes a back seat. I suggest you refocus if the comfort zone is your leadership priority." ~John C. Maxwell

On April 15th, the AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center will be releasing the official Summer 2021 Professional Learning Catalog. After getting some much needed rest, I challenge teachers, support personnel, and administrators to carve out some time to review this newsletter, and the forthcoming regional course catalog to intentionally look for opportunities to REFLECT, RENEW & REFOCUS. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.

"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, & others make it happen" ~Legendary NBA Player, Michael Jordan

Commit to always #HoningYourCraft

Happy April,

Dr. Kisha Tolbert Simmons, NBCT

Director, AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center

Personal Twitter: @KTSimmonsPhDMom

Hashtag: #AAMUUAHRICWorks

April Staff Book Picks

Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive in An Unpredictable World? by Principal David Geurin

The Executive Function Guide Book: Strategies To Help Students Achieve Success by Roberta Strosnider & Valerie Saxton Sharpe

Fewer Things, Better by Angela Watson
Recommended by Stephanie Dillard-McClain, Consultant & Coach

*Book Study Coming to the AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

Everything You Need for Mathematics Coaching by Maggie B. McGatha +Jennifer Bay-Williams w/ Beth McCord + Jonathan A. Wray

Writing Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo

Recommended by Dianna Minor, NBCT-- Instructional Specialist at Hoover City Schools
*Writing Professional Learning Session Coming to the AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

Creating A Culture of Reflective Practice by Pete Hall & Alisa Simeral

Recommended by Cory Camp, Professional Learning Director at Sibme
*Professional Learning Sessions Coming to the AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

Successful Strategies for Pursuing National Board Certification: Version 3.0, Components 1 and 2 (What Works!) by Bobbie Faulkner

Recommended by the AAMU/UAH RIC NBCT Candidate Support Providers

*Professional Learning Sessions Coming to AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

Successful Strategies for Pursuing National Board Certification: Version 3.0, Components 3 and 4 (What Works!) by Bobbie Faulkner

Recommended by the AAMU/UAH RIC NBCT Candidate Support Providers

*Professional Learning Sessions Coming to AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners by TESOL Writing Team

Recommended by Ann Marie Batista, ESOL Coordinator Huntsville City Schools & Robin

Stutts, Region 3 ALSDE EL Coach

*Professional Learning Sessions Coming to AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

Conquering Dyslexia: A Guide To Early Detection & Intervention for Teachers & Parents by Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

Recommended by the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) staff

*Book Study Coming to the AAMU/UAH RIC Summer 2021

April 2021 Resources for District Admin

District administrators, did you miss the last few weeks of “Chat & Chew” due to spring break? Good news... you have one more Friday to join the conversation about textbook adoptions & purchases! Next one, 4/9/2021 Didn’t get the Zoom link? Register in PowerSchool via the link below to gain access to the Zoom link.

PowerSchool registration link --- All Hands on Deck

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Region 3 "Road To Recovery Plan" Support

AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center + The Office of School Improvement would like to know if your district is interested in attending a “Road to Recovery” ESSER funds application session via Zoom.

Interested ?

Please complete the Doodle Poll sent to your email no later than Monday, April 12, 2021

Didn't receive an email? Reach out to our office at

jacqueline.rogers@aamu.edu or 256-372-5771

***Image courtesy of Dr. Paige Raney's Twitter Page

Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM)

Online Foundational Training - Cycle 4

Registration is open for 3rd Cycle Online Foundational training sessions. These sessions are required for new teachers but any teacher is welcome to participate. The first step in the process is requesting training using the link: AMSTI/ASIM Online Training Request

Once we have that request form, Ashlie will generate an email with the enrollment codes for these online courses and you will be contacted. The three courses are:

1. AMSTI Science Notebooking K-12 Cycle 4

2. Setting the Stage for AMSTI: Science Cycle 4

3. Getting to Know the Alabama Course of Study: Science Cycle 4

Cycle 4 courses ends April 30th and all activities must be completed by then.

Featured ASIM Lab --- Mrs. Crystal Sewell's Anatomy Classes, Geraldine High School, DeKalb County Schools

R8Muscle - Build a Muscle

This lab will provide the student with experience in creating a muscle model as well as a sliding filament model. Students will • Work collaboratively to construct a skeletal muscle that includes the following structures: myofibrils, sarcoplasmic reticulum, sarcolemma, multiple nuclei, mitochondria, muscle fiber, endomysium, perimysium, fascicle, epimysium, tendons. • Construct models of actin and myosin fibers. • Construct an explanation of how chemical and structural organizations of muscle cells are specialized to produce muscle contractions.

Image from Mrs. Crystal Sewell Anatomy classes at Geraldine High School.

Essential Question

How are muscles structured to work with the human body to produce movement?

*Images are from Mrs. Crystal Sewell's Anatomy classes at Geraldine High School.

Featured ASIM Lab-- Mrs. Sarah Andrews' Anatomy & Physiology Class, Lee High School, Huntsville City Schools

R8Muscle - Build a Muscle

This lab will provide the student with experience in creating a muscle model as well as a sliding filament model. Students will • Work collaboratively to construct a skeletal muscle that includes the following structures: myofibrils, sarcoplasmic reticulum, sarcolemma, multiple nuclei, mitochondria, muscle fiber, endomysium, perimysium, fascicle, epimysium, tendons. • Construct models of actin and myosin fibers. • Construct an explanation of how chemical and structural organizations of muscle cells are specialized to produce muscle contractions.

Essential Question

How are muscles structured to work with the human body to produce movement?

*Images are from Mrs. Sarah Andrews Anatomy & Physiology class at Lee High School.

Mark your Calendar! Upcoming Science Training Events

ASIM Biology Summer Training 2021

ASIM is gearing up for summer training. AAMU Region 3 will be partnering with both Athens State University's and Jacksonville State University's Biology Specialists to provide training for our three regions. Our training will look somewhat different than before as we make the transition to becoming #oneAMSTI and #AMSTI4all.

This year we will only focus on one-two standards for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics over three days. The idea is to go deeper with the content, pedagogy, and teaching strategies than in years past. All ASIM sites will follow the same schedule for the same standard, but additional days may be added. The idea is that every teacher across the state that attends training will get the same experience no matter the site.

Biology Foundational Training will be focusing on Standard 6 and 6a. Over the past two years, ASIM has dove into Marzano's research and attended professional learning on proficiency scales. You may have seen a product of that learning on our website. Recently, ASIM created proficiency scales for each critical standard in the COS. I have linked the proficiency scale for standard 6. ASIM chose labs (which we now call lessons) that correlate with the 4 levels on the scale. Those are the labs/lessons we will train on this summer during the three days of Biology Foundational Training.

AAMU/UAH will be conducting Foundational Training this summer.

1. AMSTI Science Notebooking K-12 online in June

2. Getting to Know the Alabama Course of Study: Science online in June

3. Setting the Stage for AMSTI: Science will be offered Face to Face June 1 from 8:30-11:30 and 12:30-2:30. I will be assisting in the morning session and I plan on offering afternoon ASIM lab training in the afternoon.

The dates for the training for each site will be:

Athens (see agenda) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XI99D8cuLEUrpUx4nJte2SYvRm9Bs0Cx/view?usp=sharing

June 3-4 : Environmental Science and Anatomy training

June 7: Foundational Training with AMSTI Notebooking and Setting the Stage

June 8-10: Biology Foundational Training

June 11, 14-18 will be additional Biology lab training


June 15-17: Biology Foundational Training

with additional lab training TBD

Athens training will be held at Waters Hall on the Athens State Campus in Room 302

JSU trainings will be held at the JSU McClellan Campus

PowerSchool registration information coming soon!

Mr. Glen Fox, ASIM Biology Specialist

Email: gfoxasimbiology@gmail.com or glen.fox@aamu.edu

Work Cell: (256)924-8203

Follow me on Twitter: @ASIM_BIO_AAMU

Use the hashtags: #AAMUUAHBiologyWorks and #AAMUUAHRICWorks

Technology in Motion (TiM)

Want to level up your "tech game"? Need CEUs? Check out these self-paced technology focused courses. Register now! Courses close May 2021

If you have missed any of the previous region 3 TiM courses led by Aundria Campbell, AAMU/UAH RIC TiM Specialist, here is your opportunity to take them all and your own pace! Earn up to 8 credit hours per course! Remember, each course is self-paced! #AAMUUAHTiMWorks

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Fun & Fabulouse Formative Assessment


Session 1


Session 2


Save The Date for Summer #ALRegion3 TiM Training

Save the date! Courses begin the week of June 2nd!

2021 Alabama Education Technology Conference (AETC)

Mark your calendar for the 2021 Alabama Education Technology Conference (AETC) from June 16-18 at the Arthur Outlaw Convention Center in Mobile, AL. Learn more & register at http://alabamaetc.com #AAMUUAHRICWorks #AAMUUAHTiMWorks
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Mrs. Aundria Campbell, TiM Instructional Technology Specialist

Email: techyteacher3@gmail.com or aundria.campbell@aamu.edu

Work Cell: 256-929-9009 *call or text

Office: (256) 372-4426

Twitter: @mrscamptech

Hashtag to Follow: #AAMUUAHTiMWorks and #AAMUUAHRICWorks


Mark Your Calendar! #ALRegion3 Happenings

Stay Connected via...


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aamuinservice

Use Hashtag: #AAMUUAHRICWorks

MEGA Conference 2021

"The MEGA Conference is a week-long conference that provides attendees with opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in in-depth training sessions, and learn from leading experts in fields across the education spectrum. MEGA is hosted by the Alabama State Department of Education". ~ALSDE

Learn more & register here !

The Coaches' Corner

Sibme Coach Replay

"Are you an instructional coach or leader looking for tips, strategies, and tools to enhance your coaching? Are you interested in using video to support and empower those you coach?

The Sibme Coach Replay Show is designed with you in mind! This weekly web-show hosted by Sibme’s Director of Professional Learning, Cory Camp, features expert coaches to break down classroom instruction, coaching moves, and strategies and discuss important topics in education, instruction, and leadership. Each episode is accompanied by downloadable Coach Also, don't forget the 'notes and takeaways' with episode highlights and additional resources. Find them at ➡️ https://learn.sibme.com/courses/sibme-coach-replay-notes-and-takeaways "

Mark Your Calendar! June 21st-22nd for Sibme's FREE "Better Together" Conference!

Keynote Speakers....

  • Jenni Donohoo --- "Collective Efficacy" Guru

  • Paul Bambrick-Sontoyo -- author of Leveraging Leadership, Get Better Faster, Diven by Data and more!

  • Danya Sanders --- Deputy Chief of Academics at Kipp Texas

Sign up here to receive registration info. Official registration links coming soon!


Want to check out Better Together 2020??? Well we've got you covered! Check out keynote speakers like...

  • Justin Bader
  • Steve Barker
  • Elena Aguilar
  • Doug Fisher

#ALRegion3NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher) Support

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center is proud to partner with and advocate for educators currently pursuing NBCT status or interested in pursuing NBCT status. For more information about NBCT mentoring support and opportunities offered through the AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center, please complete the Region 3 NBCT interest form and someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon!


Check out our center's NBCT Resources! #NBCT4ALL

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center offers mentoring support for #ALRegion3 educators. Our mentors “walk alongside” candidates to support them “ through the certification process, often starting before the teacher actually applies for certification. Candidate support providers ask questions that help a candidate show evidence more clearly, are sensitive to a candidate’s emotional needs, help candidates create organizational systems to manage the process, locate resources to help with technology demands, and provide models of feedback that broaden and deepen the candidate’s own analytical abilities”.


Let the AAMU/UAH Inservice Center mentor you through the National Board process. You should not have to attempt it alone!

You Can Do It! We Can Help! #NBCT4ALL

The AAMU Regional Inservice Center in partnership with Huntsville City Schools would like to extend the opportunity for ALL region 3 school districts to participate in an informational session for all aspiring National Board candidates. While many candidates have already made their decision to pursue certification, there are many who just aren't sure if this process if right for them. We want to assure them "they can do it, and we can help"!

Also, our goal is recruit NB candidates from underrepresented and underserved schools across all region 3, and help you equitably distribute the number of NB candidates across your respective districts, and empower ALL teachers to pursue the NB process. #NBCT4All

Our first session last night 4/6 at 6pm, and a repeat session is this upcoming Monday, 4/12 at 6pm.

***PowerSchool sessions are also hyperlinked above.

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Save The Date! SU2021 NBCT Boot Camp coming in July!

Save the Date! Summer NBCT Boot Camp - July 20-21. It will likely be virtual, but stay tuned, just in case something changes. Sessions will be offered to candidates, scholarship winners, MOCs, candidate support providers, and those seeking to advocate for NBC.
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ALERT: NBCT 2020-2021 Registration, Payment & Submission Extensions

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#RaiseYourHand Initiative: An NBCT Scholarship Opportunity for Madison County Area Educators

RYH Giving Tuesday 2020

Alabama Reading Initiative #ALRegion3

ARI Literacy Leadership Newsletter

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EL Support & Resources

EL Support Through the Lens of the AL Coaching Framework

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center in partnership with Alabama Region 3 EL Specialist, Robin Stutts, and The Office of School Improvement would like to extend an invitation to all English-Learner Teachers, Specialist and Coaches to participate in entitled, “Reflecting on EL Support Through the Lens of the Alabama Coaching Framework”.

This session has been designed to introduce EL educators to the new Alabama Coaching Framework, give them an opportunity to explore the impact EL coaching can have on student outcomes and provide them an opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t this school year, so they can begin planning for the new school year.

Region 3, EL educatiors, are you interested in participating and haven't received an invite? Reach out to your district EL administrator for the link to the Doodle poll.

EL PLU Opportunity

Big picture

Alabama Literacy Act Through the Lens of English Learners

Join, Robin Stutts, ALSDE Regional EL Specialist for an hour-long session to explore the requirements of the AL Literacy Act and receive guidance to support ELs in the process.

The final session is this Thursday, April 7th from 3:30-4:30 via Zoom! Register here in PowerSchool

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AMSTI UAH Summer 2021 Training Opportunities

AMSTI UAH is excited to offer the following professional learning opportunities for math and science teachers this summer!

AMSTI-UAH Math Training Summer 21

AMSTI-UAH Science Training Summer 21

No Cost Residency-Based Summer 2021 PD w/ Hudson Alpha for Alabama Middle & High School Educators

*Alabama public high school teachers have subsidized tuition (including classroom materials and optional housing) and meal costs provided by the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Legislature.

Save the date July 12th -16th (Essential Biology) & June 21st-25th (Advanced Concepts)--- Residency-based GTAC Academy: Professional Learning for High School Life Science Educators

***Registration opens March 15, 2021. First come, first serve basis

Save the date June 14th-18th--- Residency-based LifeScience Links Academy: a professional learning experience that provides seventh-grade life science teachers updated content knowledge, engaging strategies, and authentic lab experiences.

***Registration opens March 15, 2021. First come, first serve basis

Ongoing Professional Resources & Learning Experiences

Check out Beacon virtual professional learning opportunities-- "These virtual opportunities provide teachers with a variety of genetics and biotechnology content, along with technology integration and best practices for virtual delivery. Experiences include unique webinars along with multi-day online sessions that combine synchronous and asynchronous learning."

NEW! Hudson's Alpha Resource Hub --- check out these high-quality, vetted resources, courtesy of Hudson Alpha Education

"Caught Being Awesome"! #ALRegion3 April '21 Highlights

AAMU College of Education - Monthly Inservice Scholar Check-In

Dr. Samatha Strachan, Interim Chair , Teacher Education & Leadership and Dr. Salam Khan, Associate Professor of Mathematics invited AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center Director, Dr. Kisha Tolbert Simmons to share regional professional learning opportunities with former undergraduate students, now inservice teachers as a part of their commitment to mentoring teacher-scholars beyond their undergraduate education.
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AAMU/UAH RIC Spring 2021 Governing Board Meeting

When: April 21, 2021

Time: 3:15-4:45pm

Where: Virtual Session via Zoom

AAMU/UAH Governing Board Members

Mr. Jason Hass, Principal, Scottsboro City Schools-- Governing Board President

Ms. Betty McIntire, Teacher, Jackson Co. Schools--- Governing Board Secretary

Dr. Kisha Tolbert Simmons, Director, AAMU/UAH RIC-- Governing Board Executive Secretary

Mr. Travis Cummings, School Board Member, Madison City Schools

Ms. Catina Hamilton, Instructional Coach, Boaz City Schools

Dr. Johanna Massey, Professor, AAMU

Ms. Tameka McGill, Teacher, Huntsville City Schools

Ms. Jennifer Taylor, District Administrator, Madison Co. Schools

Ms. Kimberley Tucker, Secondary ELA Instructional Coach, Arab City Schools

Ms. Porshe Chapman, Teacher, Huntsville City Schools

Ms. Shundra Morris, AMSTI-UAH STEM Specialist

Ms. Rachel Gibbs, Teacher, Madison City Schools

Ms. Jodi Jacobs, District Administrator, DeKalb County Schools

Dr. Elisabeth Davis, Assistant State Superintendent of Student Learning, ALSDE

Mr. Sean Stevens, Instructional Services Program Coordinator, ALSDE

Meet the #ALRegion3 Dream Team!

About the AAMU/UAH RIC

The Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University/University of Alabama at Huntsville Inservice Center (AAMU/UAH RIC) is located on the beautiful campus of the historical Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. The AAMU/UAH RIC partners with administrators, teachers, instructional/content specific coaches, counselors and media specialists in 13 school districts, across 4 counties in ALSDE’s region 3---- Albertville City Schools, Arab City Schools, Boaz City Schools, DeKalb County Schools, Fort Payne City Schools, Guntersville City Schools, Huntsville City Schools, Jackson County Schools, Madison City Schools, Madison County Schools, Marshall County Schools, Scottsboro City Schools and the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering--- to offer high-quality professional learning experiences to support educator growth.


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Alabama A&M University (AAMU) is a collegiate university that balances the personal attention of a small traditional land-grant college with the academic vitality and broad opportunities of a research university. AAMU has a diverse faculty and student body, state-of-the-art facilities, and top-notch resources, programs, and services.

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