Parent Newsletter!

Miss Lotter's Fourth Grade Class

September 7- September 11

Hello parents! We are going into week three and I am even more excited than the last two weeks! We have a lot of really cool things happening in our classrooms such as learning about the seven habits for happy kids, beginning our student-led morning meetings, and beginning our student data binders! We are really focusing on becoming leaders of ourselves, our school, and our community, and I cannot wait to see the great things that our students accomplish!
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We have rearranged our classroom to support our leadership habits! Our students will be synergizing and really focusing on how to win-win and put first things first, as they learn to work in groups.

One of the great things about working in table groups is that student have to have a group name. It makes it much easier in regards to organization for myself and the students. So, I let the students come up with their own names and the creativity of these students is just fascinating! I thought you would enjoy to hear these table names, so they are listed below.

1. Gummy Bear Island Table

2. The Candy Crew

3. The Smarties Table

4. The Survivor Squad

5. The Boss Crew

6. The Chicken Crew

7. The Purple Panda Pack

Wow! We have one creative bunch of kiddos!

Peek at the Week!

Math: We are going to continue analyzing place value and exploring different strategies for successfully conceptualizing and completing addition problems.

Language Arts: We are going into our last week of launching Daly Five! The students will define, model, and practice all of the five components of Daily Five this week, so that they will be prepared to be completely independent next week as I pull strategy groups. In writing, we get to begin our new writing curriculum, Strategies for Writers! It is a great curriculum that makes becoming a better writer extremely accessible to students. We will focus on personal narratives for the next three weeks with this curriculum!

Science: We will continue our unit on health and nutrition, with a focus on how the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in food, help humans to grow, survive, and repair.

Last week, we began learning about the seven habits for happy kids. These are habits that the children will practice in their daily lives in order to be more successful and happy people and leaders. The students are already beginning to use the vocabulary in their daily conversations (For example: We are synergizing as we do this activity!), so I am truly anxious to see how much these students grow this year!

Check out what we're doing!

Last week, we watched the documentary, On the Way to School. This is an AMAZING documentary that follows four children around the world on their journeys to school. It really instills those values of respect, appreciation, and desire for education. I wanted the students to see that yes, they are technically required to come to school each day, but that they should want to be there because there are children around the world who are walking four hours a day, or being pushed in a makeshift wheelchair by their siblings for two hours, just to get to school because they understand the value that education will have on their lives. We are going to continue to explore these ideas throughout the year and I am truly hoping to see a paradigm shift in our children's intrinsic want to come to school to better themselves!

Reminders and Support!


-If your child is struggling with something on their homework, they may circle it and ask for help the next day. Homework is due every Friday.

-As the student's grades are starting to come in, please remind them that they are allowed to redo their assignments for half credit back! Also, if your student is missing work, they will be notified of that this week.

-Please make sure that all of the beginning of the year paperwork is turned in.

-Please return the Montreat field trip permission form with the $30 for your child to go. If you need help with the funds for this, please let me know!

-Raleigh chaperones: If you would like to chaperone for Raleigh, you have to pay in full for yourself and your child. That amount comes to $320 and we only have 4 remaining chaperone spots for our class.


-The only support we need this week is to continue to encourage your child to come to school and try their best! Also, to really help them in becoming a leader through emphasizing those leadership habits whenever possible.

Thank you for all that you do!

Communication is Everything!

Please follow our class on Twitter! It is free and easy to use. I try to post pictures of the fun things our class does at least a few times a week, if not daily.

Back to School Dance

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 3:30pm

241 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC