Coloranta City

You must wear color, join our Utopia!


Color is everything, color is amazing, why wear black tops? You need to wear a colorful shirt with black, grey or white pants, shorts, skirts, tights, ties, hats! Utopia is all about color. Paint your face, get tattoos, wear makeup!
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House Decor

Forget about brown, why not gold, silver and bronze? Aren't those colors too? Of course, why not have golden couch and silver counter. Decor is all about it. NO BLACK! Remember our motto, COLOR IS CHARACTER! If your house has no color, it has no character. And neither do you, others will not envy you.

Join our Utopia

Our Utopia offers a home, garden, flowers, food, and a town full of friendly happy people. If you don't join our Utopia, anyone else's isn't as free as ours! We have money, start with as much as you need, you cannot exceed ten thousand or you shall be severely punished.


Are your friends from other Utopias jealous of your colorful garden? Come tell them to join out Utopia so they can have one too! We don't care where they come from. Get a job with them, work your best, you will be fired if you don't work like your told, never to have that job again, so help your friends get the amazing things that you have. Are their outfits too bland and boring, we can hand over some of our extra clothes.

Why we exist

We are here because we do not want anyone to be bland and be afraid to wear what they want to wear, you won't be punished for wearing white as long as you are wearing color. So many people are judged for their outfits, but not here. You are welcome.

Community Members

Our population is 1,045. Our community members know the rules and regulations. Lots of them are religious, non-religious, and very different from others. We are very quiet and peaceful, even in the midst of a war. But who cares? You are protected and we care.

American Dreams and Novels

Everyone wants to be happy in a world where nobody is perfect, but things get in the way of that and in the way of our lives. In TSL, the characters are suffering from sin, they long to fully be happy. Guy Montag isn't happy even if he says he is, he wants a freedom of imagination, and today the American dream is freedom.

Comparison to Fahrenheit

My utopia is nothing like Fahrenheit, but in a dystopia, the characters long for something that is lost, in a utopia, something could be missing but we are blinded by happiness. In a dystopia, everyone is blinded by rules and the don't see what is wrong with their world.


There will be guards at night to protect you from the bland people out there. If you are out after curfew, you will be shot on site. no one out after 7:30 pm if you are under 13 and without an adult. Adults are to be inside before 9:30 pm. No dogs are to be out, they are kept inside except if you are walking your dog, cats are not free to roam, get high fences. Rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and reptiles are to be kept in cages. We want to keep our Utopia pest free. Don't worry about spiders, we have sprayed these houses with repellent. Spray them every night to keep out those nasty creatures.