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Stephen Fuller Austin(November 3,1793 -December 27,1836 was an American empresario born in Virginia and raised in southeastern Missouri.
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Father of texas

Know as the Father of Texas,he led the second,and ultimately successfully colonization of the region by brining 300 familys from the United States to the region in 1825.In addition, he worked with Mexican goverment to support immigration from the United States.


Numerous places and institutions are named in his honor,including the capital of Texas ,Austin Travis county,Austin county,Austin Bayou,Stephen F.Austin State University in Nachadoches, Austin College in Sherman and a number of K-12 Schools.

Austin in The Republic of Texas

In December 1835, Austin, Branch Archer, and William H. Wharton were appointed commissioners to the U.S. by the provisional government of the republic. On June 10, 1836, Austin was in New Orleans, where he received word of Santa Anna's defeat by Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. Austin returned to Texas to rest at Peach Point in August. On August 4, he announced his candidacy for president of Texas. Austin felt confident he could win the election until two weeks before the election, when on August 20, Houston entered the race. Austin wrote, "Many of the old settlers who are too blind to see or understand their interest will vote for him." Houston carried East Texas, the Red River region, and most of the soldiers' votes. Austin received 587 votes to Sam Houston's 5,119 and Henry Smith's 743 votes.

Houston would appoint Austin as the first secretary of state of the new republic; however, Austin served only around two months before his death.