macquarie island

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About macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is a unique, spectacular and a wonderful place but now it has turned into a disaster, dreadful and a horrible place. This is mainly due to human impact and pollution. The fish is nearly extinct at Macquarie Island because people are hunting too much. Do you want Macquarie to suffer the ever increasing delemer?

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Firstly: Pollution

Carbon dioxide levels continue to rise. If carbon dioxide levels continue to rise animals will suffocate. if there’s no oxygen, it could be harmful to animals they could die. So the best thing to is to plant a tree, yes to plant a tree it will consume the carbon dioxide which brings out the oxygen.

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secondly: Human Impact

Secondly people are dumping toxic waste and oil spills in Macquire island which will pollute the island. People are fishing too much which could make the fishes around Macquarie island which could lead the fishes into extinction and people are also hunting there.People who are visiting Macquarie island are dumping in the water and land.

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In conclusion

It is compulsory that we must stop polluting and hunting. Because if we pollute the carbon dioxide levels will rise and if it does the animals will die rest in peace. if we keep on hunting the animals in Macquarie Island and it will lead to extinction. This is why we must not pollute and not hunt in Macquarie Island by the following reasons above.