The Other Wes Moore

Can One's Experiences Determine One's Success?

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Life Lessons!

Read the article from Newsela by first choosing your Lexile level from the left. After you have read the article, complete the quiz.

The Other Wes Moore Anticipation Guide

The Other Wes Moore vs The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore Project

Silver Spoon vs Rusty Spoon!

After viewing the YouTube video in your cooperative groups, answer the following questions in a YouTube video of your own, referencing the themes of this unit: Defying the Odds, Overcoming Adversity, Values of Personal Choices!

Do you believe that one's experiences and/or circumstances determine if one will be successful in life? Does one that grows up with a "silver spoon" guarantee them a better life than one that grows up with a "rusty spoon"? Does it matter how you're brought up? Is it ultimately your choice the life you live?

The YouTube video must be a minimum of 3 minutes in length. Email your video to me at:

Vocabulary Collage

Using 15 of the vocabulary words provided and 5 you found from the text, create a collage depicting (describing) one of the themes. Overcoming Adversity, Defying The Odds, & Values of Personal Choices.

  1. superficial
  2. squander
  3. gregarious
  4. presumptuous
  5. unabashed
  6. inquisition
  7. bewildered
  8. cohort
  9. incredulous
  10. claustrophobic
  11. vulnerable
  12. irrevocable
  13. demeanor
  14. insatiable
  15. melodramtic

The Other Wes Moore Soundtrack

In your groups create a soundtrack (12 tracks) CD for the novel The Glass Castle. Place each song in order that helps describe the plot of the novel. Write a brief description of the relevance (importance) of each song you choose.

For example:

The Other Wes Moore Soundtrack

1. Hard Knock Life.... Jay Z

2. Down for My N____... C Murder

3. Sing About Me... Kendrick Lamar

4. Downtown... August Alsina feat Kidd Kidd

5. I Ain't Mad Atcha... Tupac


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