Team Communication

Emma Myers, Mattie Mohan, Madison Hudkins, Saveakda Pen

Fat Hairy Supermodel | MADAGASCAR 3


During this clip you will see the small animals make an inference that there is a scary monster in the dark. It turns out to be a sweet bear riding a bike. They jumped to an inference instead of finding the facts.

Disconfirming Messages

This video gives examples of how disconfirmation can be used in day to day life. The guy just wants to get his project done, but his partner continues to pretend this guy and the project are irrelevant. He fails to even acknowledge him in some instances.
Jim Carry caught lying! Funny!

Deceiving Messages

In this clip from Yes Man, Jim Carrey's character is caught trying to deceive his friend in order to avoid hanging out with him. He is clearly giving false information by saying that he is in his apartment when he is really at the video store.

Physical Effects of Emotion

Emotions can cause a long list of physical effects. Some physical effects of emotions are listed below:

  1. change of appetite
  2. insomnia
  3. weight gain or loss
  4. headaches
  5. shortness of breath
  6. extreme tiredness
  7. high blood pressure
  8. lightheadedness

Emotional Ineptitude Cartoon

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Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up (ORIGINAL)

Strategically Using Emotion

This video of the girl and her baby brother describes strategically using emotion. She is crying because she doesn't want her brother to grow up and thinks that by crying about it she will get her way and he won't get older and grow up.
The Big Bang Theory - I'm gonna get that girl back (season 9/subtitulado)

Emotionally Tone Deaf

When Amy tells Sheldon she is angry about his video, instead of listening to her and taking it down, he interprets this as a sign she still cares about him.
Full House- Michelle's wedding

Backhanded Compliments

At 0:40, Rebecca compliments Michelle by calling her a beautiful bride. Danny replies, "What a beautiful tablecloth," referring to the train of her dress. In this clip, Danny disguises his insult with a "compliment."
How to Take a Compliment

Accepting Compliments Graciously

This video describes how you should accept compliments with positive feedback and it gives you examples of how to do so properly.
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Oversharing on Social Media

This woman is clearly oversharing on Facebook by posting a picture of her child's dried umbilical cord for all her friends to see.