Christine Damski's and Anne Frank's courageous fight.

What is Courage?

Courage is strength. Examples of courageous people are Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela. These people all did courageous things in their life, but their not the only ones who did. For example, Anne frank, a 13 year old girl who was tortured in the Holocaust, and Christine Damski, a Jewish women who was hiding from the Nazis in Russia.

Courage is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

1. Consider Otto Frank's statement to the fellow residents of the annex: "We're lucky. We're really very lucky." Why does he say this and what impact does it have on the residents of the annex?

Otto Frank said this quote because he wants to explain to the other residents of the annex that they are truly lucky. Thousands of Jews have already been tortured and killed, but the other residents still have a safe place to live with food and running water. It might not be much, but its enough to survive. These words have a big impact on the other residents by making them really think about what they have and what others don't.

2. Why do the residents of the annex celebrate holidays and birthdays while they are hiding? How do these events contribute to a sense of "normality" in an abnormal environment and why is that important?

The residents of the annex celebrate holidays and birthdays while they are hiding because they want to try to live their life as normally a possible. These events contribute to a sense of "normality" because these are the normal things they would do at home. It is important to the residents to keep their good memories with them and not only feel sadness. For example, according to "The Diary of Anne Frank" it states "We kindle this Hanukkah light to celebrate...." This states that the residents were celebrating Hanukkah, and were trying to keep their traditions.

3. Consider the decision to invite Mr. Dussel to share the annex with the Franks and the Van Danns. What risks does this decision pose for those in hiding as well as their helpers? What would you have done in this situation?

One risk this decision poses is that their wouldn't be enough food for everyone. For example, according to "The Dairy of Anne Frank" it states "MR. FRANK: The bread! He was stealing the bread!" This states that the risk of more people living in the annex is that their wouldn't be enough food. If I were in this situation I would not let anymore people come live with my family because at this time it was all about survival, and if you didn't have food for everyone people would get sick and die.

Christine Damski is a great example of a courageous person.

1. Who was she?

Christine Damski was a Rozen. According to the Web Page "Christine Damski Tells Her Story" it states A Rozen is a upper class Jewish person.

2. What did she do?

She protested. She was told to sit on the left side of the hall because she was Jewish. However, she decided to protest and sit on the right back side of the hall.

3. Why do we remember her?

We remember her because she stood up for her self. We remember her because she reminds students today that they can stand up for what they believe in.

4. How did she embody the theme that I chose?

She embodied the theme that I chose by showing that she could stand up for what she believed in. She embodied Courage by using strength.

Courage is a theme that is relevant in my life.

1. Describe a situation in which you or someone you know or have read about a courageous stand. What happened? Who benefited?

I read "A Long Walk to Freedom" By: Nelson Mandela it was about his life and his courageous stand. He went from living a normal life to being in jail, but it was worth it in the end because he fought for what he believed in. Nelson Mandela benefited greatly from this courageous stand.

2. How is this a big idea that is relevant to YOUR life and why do we remember people like Christine Damski?

Courage a really big theme in my life. I always find myself to be that person that sits in the back, and doesn't really like to talk in front of the class. To explain, Whenever a teacher calls on me to share my ideas or answer a question. I FREEZE. I'm not really sure what to say, but then I pull together all of this Courage and tell myself that I CAN do it. We remember people like Christine Damski because they inspire our future. They inspire who we want to be, and what we want to do.

Overall, Courage was a theme in Anne Frank's life, in Christine Damski's life, and in my life.