National Board Certification

Shelbyville ISD

Shelbyville ISD - National Board Certified Teacher Allotment $6,456/year

What Is National Board Certification?

National Board Certification is a voluntary advanced professional certification for PreK-12 educators that identifies teaching expertise through a performance-based, peer-reviewed assessment. Teachers are certified based on standards set by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). More than 125,000 teachers across all 50 states have achieved National Board Certification.

National Board Certification provides teachers an opportunity to hone their practice, demonstrate their professional knowledge, and reinforce their dedication to their students and their career. National Board Certification opens doors for teachers to make an impact on student learning in their own classroom, and to influence teaching and learning improvements beyond their four walls. The State of Texas and several districts across the state offer financial benefits for board-certified teachers.

Interested Candidates

Interested Candidates: National Board Certification may take anywhere from one to five years. Annual registration windows open from June 1, 2021-February 28, 2022. Following completion of the four components, scores are released in December of each year.

Annual registration fee: $75

Individual component fees (4):

$475 each ($1,900 total)

$495 Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

Districts may be eligible for reimbursement of fees paid from the National Board either directly or following reimbursement to the NBCT.

TIA may reimburse fees up to $1900 for initial certification, $495 for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), and up to $1250 for renewal.

Teacher Incentive Allotment

Region 7 Cohort Trainings

NBPTS Candidate Cohort Meetings-Two Years

11 meetings/year - Usually on Saturday

Cost is $700/year - payment is spread out over time

This cohort is designed to support teachers as they seek National Board Certification. During this two-year program, candidates will be active participants in a professional learning community focused on the skills, knowledge, dispositions, and strategies needed to be successful in the National Board Certification process.