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March 21st, 2022

Happy Monday, Mexico 59!

Hope everyone is having a great spring break and getting the much-needed time away and relaxing.

Here is the Technology update in an effort to keep lines of communication open.

We received a good response to the Technology Demo night survey. We will plan to do a demo week from April 4th through April 7th, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. each night. It will be at the Davis Hart Career Center in the lower level. There is parking out front and on either side of the building. You can come to the bottom level door on Wade street and ring the buzzer. There will be a signposted to show which room we are in. We will have two panels, two laptops, Chromebooks, the document camera option, the extra monitor, and a wireless writing tablet for everyone to see and play with. Before you leave we will have a survey for you to fill out to let us know which extra piece of hardware would be most beneficial for your classroom. If you can not make it to the demo nights we will send out a survey the following week for you to fill out.

We are still listening and addressing concerns with the new technology coming for the summer of 2022. Change is always hard but in technology, without change, there is no growth.

We are still working with Kyle Louder and Robin Friedrich, to get Professional Development planned for everyone in the district. Tentatively we are planning to have two virtual sessions covering basics and introduce the primary functions of the panel, one on August 17th and one on August 18th both will be an hour and a half long. We are hopeful your panels will be set up and ready to use during these virtual training. There will be onsite training sessions on August 19th, covering functions and applicability of the panel, one hour long each. These panels are so involved, there is no way that we can show you everything in one session. Still, be on the lookout for information from me about the Promethean Summit that is offered virtually over the summer by Promethean. Also, check out to register and take some of the self-paced courses they offer online. All of these resources will help you feel more comfortable.


Please be aware, with everything happening this summer with just three of us, we need time to get everything done. In order for that to happen, we will be pulling desktops from buildings and classrooms not being used for summer school the day after school gets out. We will be starting at MELC, DHCC, and MHS classrooms during summer school. Your files will need to be uploaded to Google Drive or backed up before school is out so we can start pulling computers, smartboards, and projectors. Sarah Keithley has created three short step-by-step tutorials on how to move materials over to your Google Drive, click here to view the tutorials. If you want written directions on how to upload files to Google Drive please click here to learn how to upload documents to Google Drive.

During summer school we will have a team come in and start installing panels in MELC, DHCC, CO, MHS, and MMS Classrooms not being used for summer school. After summer school we will have the team come back and finish up the district at EF, HAW, and Finish MHS and MMS. After they are installed the Technology Department will follow behind the installers to get the panels inventoried, enrolled, and set up with the apps and user accounts before they are ready for you to play with.

Scroll down to see the New Promethean Titanium Panel in action, this is a new video!

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Getting Started with Your Titanium ActivPanel

Technology Tip

Windows Shortcuts

Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + W - Close, will close down whatever you are viewing

F2 - Simply highlight a file and hit F2 to give it a new name, instead of right-clicking and renaming

Internet Shortcuts

Ctrl + T - Opens a new browser tab

Ctrl + R - Reloads the current browser page

Ctrl + F - Brings up the find action