Sixth Grade

How to Prepare for Sixth Grade By Brittany and Lily

Welcome to Your New School

Welcome to EMS! You will be starting 6th Grade. This is the entrance to our school! You will meet new people and new Teacher's. We promise you that you will have a great experience at EMS learning and experiencing lots of new things and having lots of FUN!

Around the School

Meet Your Teachers!

These will be your teachers for sixth grade. You might not have all of them but most of them you will get to know!

  • Mrs. Guiles
  • Mrs. Christy
  • Ms. Lomax
  • Mrs. Malin
  • Mrs. Patten
  • Mr. Newman
  • Mr. Weldy

The Sixth Grade Hall

This is your hall with your lockers! You can have passing time out in this hall.

Block Schedule

Monday's and Wednesday's are always A days. Tuesday's and Thursday's are always B days. Friday is when you go to all your classes for a shorter amount of time.


Classes that you can choose unlike your regular core classes. These classes can be a bit more exciting than other classes. Examples of these classes are choir, band, orchestra, FACs, computers, art, gym, and drama.

Eagle Time!

Every three weeks, we have something called Eagle Time where you earn free time in the gym during encore. This is your time you earned from the months expectations. Here you can play your favorite activities or activity.

Talon Tickets

Talon tickets are what you earn from doing something great. At the end of lunch, you will turn them in. At the end of the month, they will be counted to determine how much extra time you earn for Eagle Time.