Healthy Teens


Why Should We Eat Healthy?

Why should we eat healthy? We should eat healthy because your body needs a lot of nurtrients to reamain healthy. We get this nutrients from the foods we eat. When you eat lots of burgers and fries from fast food restaurants you are eating foods high in fats and sodium. This can lead to obesity and health problems. When going out to eat, pick something more healthy like Subway! You are what you eat good stuff.

Vitamins & Minerals

Why should you take Vitamin C?

You should take vitamin C because it helps hold cells togther. It helps the body absorb irons, and contributes to function. Vitamin C is used for common for colds, also Vitamin C helps prevents and treats colds in average people.


Why you shouldn't do drugs

Don't do drugs because they can do really bad things to you and they can actually affect your life.The bad drugs that can affet your life and can do really bad things to are Depressants and Stimulants. Depressants are is when you can sollawo them. If you take the depressants you can't mixed them with alcholol because increases the risk of overdoses and the risk of death. Stimulants are a class of drug that elevate mood, and increases of well being, also this drug can be snorted, sollowaed and injected.


The Laws of Under age drinking

The under age drinking law in the United States is 21. Almost 80% of High Schools have tried alcohol. In Wisconsin anyone under 21 can drink in the bar as long as they are with their parents, garudian, or spouse. A person can legally drink in Wisconsin at 12:01 on the moring on his or her 21st birthday.


Banning smoking from resturants and bars

When they started banning smoking in resturants and bars it was July 5th, 2010. It was amazed to all people when it happened because they can now enjoy their food and don't have to worry about smelling like smoke all the time.


What kind of STDs can you get

There is a lot of STDs that you can get, but I am only telling you three of them that you can get. The three of them that you can get is Chlamydia, Gentia Warts, Genital Herpes. How can get them? You can get Chlamydia by bacteria, sexual intercourse or oral sex. With Gentia Warts and Gential Herpes you can get them by vaginal, oral, or anal sex, or it just happens. Just don't do this because this can actual happen, so think before you do this.

Birth Control

What Birth Control is out there

There is so many birth control out there that you can use. The birth control that you can use is the Patch, Nuva Ring, Diaphragm, Birth Control Pill, Birth Control Shot, Sponge, Cervical Cap, and also Condoms for Male and Female. The one that You should use and that works the best is the Diaphragm because it keeps the sprem from entering the uterus.


The difference bewteen a unhealthy and healthy relationship

If want a healthy or unhealthy relationship you should decide what you want. The differnce between a healthy relationship you should be talking about your feelings, having an equal say in the relationship, figuring out a solution that is good for both of you. The difference between an unhealthy relationship is believing one partner has more rights than the other, shouting or yelling when you are angry with your partner, useing the silent treatment, or pouting to get what you want. If want your relationship to last long don't fight and yell at eachother, make things right so go for the healthy relationship.

Sexual Assult

What is Sexual Assult

Sexual Assult is any unwaned sexual activity forced upon a person by either or a stranger or by somone the person knows. The Sexual Assult can also take harrassment, dating violence, rape or sexual exploitation. If any of this is happing to you go tell someone, don't wait 2 or 3 years later to tell someone.


What can harassment can happen to you

Harassment can be unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that makes someone feel uncomfortable. The harassment can come during text messages, facebook, and emails. Don't blame your self for this happing to you. If they are keep harasseing you go tell someone it doesn't hurt to tell, because if this is keep happing to you things can get bad.


The signs of a abusive relationship

There is a lot od signs of a abusive relationship. The signs are Domainating and controlling your date's other relationships, friends, and activities, name calling (putdowns), threatening harm, Intimidating by hitting or destroying property, being extremely jealous and possessive of date, pushing, hitting, restraining or holding your date against his or her will. Don't ever have this in your relationsho becuase this can go bad when it comes to abusive.