Ancient Greece

By: Broc Shaw


I am doing my reaserch on Ancient Greece. The first topic that i am doing is the begining of Ancient Greece which is about how it started. The second is about the Pelonnesain war which was a war where alot of people got killed. My third topic was the Haritage of Ancient Greece which is all about Ancient Greece.

The begining of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was first found some where in between 1600BC and 1900BC. They first called themselfs the Greeks or the Hellens. In the begining alot of people invaded Ancient greece. Most of the people lived in citys but the rich people lived in temples.

The pellonnsain war

The pellonnsain war began in 404BC and ended in 431BC. who ever won got great sea power. In the begining there wasnt any fighting or anything when the war was at its most dangrous point it killed over one forth of the population.

The haritage of Ancient Greece

The haritage of Ancient Greece began way before there where city states. When Ancient Greece lost its independence the weath still survived. Art has always been populare in Ancient Greece. Artest in Ancient Greece have made some of the best sculptures in the world.


I lerned alot about Ancient Greece like all of the history and even some of the modern day stuff. I enjnoyd doing my project on Ancient Greece and i hope you did to. I lerned stuff like the begining of Ancient Greece some of the wars and the haritage. I also learned a lot about their wars. I hope to learn more about Ancient Greece.


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