What are the Executives Jobs?

Learn More About Being an KDP Executive!


The President position in this organization is one that is comprised mostly of communication, planning and organization. As President, you will communicate frequently with your team of Executive Officers and Counselors. Your duties, keeping communication in mind, include laying out a schedule of meetings and opportunities for members for the year(in-depth planning is done as a group effort by members of the Executive Team) sending thank you's to guests and speakers, creating an agenda for each meeting, brainstorming ways to improve the organization throughout the year and most importantly, answer questions that members have for you. Completing a year-end summary report for the chapter's accomplishments is one of your final duties as President which is an opportunity to inform National Headquarters of the work that is being done by the chapter throughout the year. Overall, this position allows you to be part of a hard working Executive Team who's goal is to provide meaningful, worthwhile opportunities for the organization's members. If you are willing to communicate frequently, work to find answers to questions that are asked of you by members, have good planning and organization skills, you will make a great President.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for assisting with the president's duties. Another big responsibility is the chapter planning report, which is a document that makes national aware of what our chapter is doing during the upcoming year. Since job duties for the vice president aren't as obvious or concrete as some other positions, as vice president it is important to take on other chapter projects such as the induction ceremony, Honor an Educator, and Literacy Alive. A key part of the vice president position is being a team player, and communicating with the counselors.


The secretary has the opportunity to communicate with all members, executive officers, and counselors primarily through email. This position keeps all Kappa Delta Pi members informed on upcoming professional development and service opportunities. As secretary, you communicate any questions or concerns with all executive officers and counselors. The secretary is often the voice of KDP, as all minutes are recorded from this position and most questions are directed to the KDP email. If communication is a vital skill you possess, then becoming KDP's next secretary is just the job for you!


The treasurer has the basic duties that it would be assumed a treasurer would have. The largest amount of work for the treasurer comes right at the beginning of the school year when it has to be figured out who has/has not paid their dues. All that information comes from the National office, and the treasurer has to organize it and relay that information. It is the treasurer's duty to balance the checkbook, and deposit any money collected to Marine Credit Union (which is in walking distance from campus). The treasurer also has to created the annual report which is done at the end of the school year. This position requires a good deal of communication with the counselors.


Don't be scared by the double title! Being the historian and webmaster for KDP is fun and not scary! The historian is the memory keeper for the chapter. It is the historians job to keep track of the chapter's activities. How do you do this? By keeping up-to-date on the webpage! This two jobs are linked. The webmaster posts important events on the webpage and on our Facebook page. If you enjoy spending time on the computer, this executive position is for you!

Membership Chair

As membership chair you get to work with the people who make this organization. The members! It is the job of the membership chair to check all attendance records and ensure they are kept up-to-date. The job title also includes responding to all attendance emails and questions, along with checking to see if all attendance requirements are being met. This executive position requires weekly checking on attendance records, but overall is not a huge time commitment and looks great on resumes!

Foundation Relations Officer

As the foundation representative, you will be in contact with other executive members, the counselors and also the members with regards to funds. Your primary goal is to provide opportunities for fundraising and also promote the Educational Foundation to the members. The fundraising is to go toward chapter events and initiatives. If the chapter chooses to establish a fund-raising committee you would also lead and work together with those individuals.