Components of Fitness!

Allaric Allen

11 Components Of Fitness Definition!

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance- Ability of the circulatory system to supply oxygen
  2. Flexibility- Range of Movement possible at various joints
  3. Body Composition- Relative Percentage of body fat compared
  4. Muscular Strength-Amount of force produce by single Contraction
  5. Muscular Endurance- Muscle movement over a length of time
  6. Agility- Body to change direction quickly
  7. Balance- Upright posture while still or moving
  8. Coordination- Movement with the input of a sense
  9. Power-Strength work at an explosive place
  10. Reaction Time- Time it take once you realize the need to move
  11. Speed- Ability to move quickly from one place to another
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5 (Five) Health Related Components

Six (6) Skill Related Fitness Components