SIG at Princeton 2013

Opening letter

Fun on Day One

From the Director, Tracy Haswell:

It was fantastic to meet our wonderful campers and their families yesterday. Your students are having their first experience in class. The instructors have prepared a rich curriculum of intellectually challenging topics to inspire and engage each student. Counselors have met with their counselor groups and have set the foundation for a positive, inclusive, supportive community. The first night at SIG Princeton, included an introductory meeting for all campers in McCosh Hall, a classic Princeton University lecture hall with a history of more than 100 years of serving the students and English faculty of Princeton University. For a bit more of the history of McCosh Hall follow this link: The rules of camp have been discussed and all students have navigated, the campus successfully. Students are looking forward to their afternoon activity time and a trip to the bookstore, as well as, time to connect with fellow campers.

Reminders! Please mark your calendars for the following events:

Sunday August 4, 2013- Parent Visitation Day 9:00-11:00 am (Location: Whitman Dining Hall)

Sunday August 4, 2013 Student Talent Show, 7:15-10:00pm ( Location: McCosh 50)

Thursday August 8, Theatre Night 7:30-9:30 pm ( performances by Broadway Beckons, Dance, Fencing, Improv ) Location: McCosh 50

Saturday, August 10 Closing Ceremony , 9:00 am-10:30 am, (Location:TBA)

Message from the Deans

Academic - Susan Bostick and Valerie Milnes -The first day of classes went very well. All of the students arrived to class relatively on time as they were feeling out the expansive campus. We are excited to have amazing teachers at SIG to bring an exceptional education experience for your child.

Residential -

Dear SIG community,

The time has arrived for a Mission Possible! We are delighted that SIG Princeton 2013 session is open for another unbelievable summer at Princeton University. Under the fearless leadership of our Director Tracy Haswell, this will be an amazing summer for Academic learning, as well as for making new friends and journey through exciting new experiences. The Princeton University campus is an amazing campus, which looks spectacular, and we have a fantastic and lively group of students joining us this summer.

It is my pleasure to serve you and I am impressed with the entire SIG community. The students are motivated, the hard-working residential staff is ready to go, and the unmatched teaching faculty are simply incredible. It is a “gift” to be able to live and work with such an extremely talented group of people this summer.

Congratulations to all of you for choosing to take part in the adventure that is MMLA. It is sure to be challenging, mind-opening, and incredibly rewarding. When you committed to the SIG program you made a choice that sets all of you apart and demonstrates your intellectual curiosity, your desire to experience different cultures, and your willingness to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I wish you a safe journey of growth, experiential development.

Thank you and happy hunting! ...for new knowledge.

Claudy Romnus

Student Activities - Wade Thomas - For the first student activity, counselor groups worked on banners that related to house themes and presented them in front of the camp. Some of these themes included "Spies", "Cars", "Nostalgic Video Games", and "Cosmopolitan." The counselor groups worked together in being creative and imaginative, and also got to know a little more about each other in the process.

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