Justine Cornelius

A Very Short Autobiographical Flyer

Who Am I?

My name is Justine Cornelius and I am 19 years old. I live in Red Creek, New York (no it is no where near the city), and my hobbies include reading and listening to music. I am getting ,y degree in Early Childhood Education, an associates, here at Ashford. I have a passion for working with children as well as for animals. I work at a Childcare Center/Preschool and I have for over a year now. I adopted my 87 pound baby from the Humane Society in October and I recently adopted two kittens as well, and they pretty much run my world.

My Experience

As I said above, I have worked at a Preschool/Childcare Center for over a year now so I have quite a bit of experience with child development. I also just completed Intro to Early Childhood Education, and we dipped into child development in that class. I would definitely like to gain a better understanding of the entire subject though, so this class is exciting for me.

Future Goals

My goals for the future include becoming a lead teacher in either the toddler or infant classroom at my place of work. I will need my degree in order to do this, and after I achieve this goal I would like to continue on in school in order to get my administration degree in hope of one day becoming the director of my work.