Media Flow

by Esteban Gandara


Media is everywhere nowadays and it affects us greatly. Ads are everywhere you go trying to convince you to buy their products.When a new sort of thing gets released social media makes it popular by people talking about it and it gets spread around that there's this new thing and then people will start buying it. All it takes is for that designer brand to come up with a new product and put that special logo that somehow makes people go crazy to buy it.When people wear that brand's product in public, other people will notice that person wearing it and will probably think it looks nice and then they would buy it too.


For example, when a designer brand releases a new product, the brand will start making advertisements for that product. Which will then be seen by tons of people and those people will start sharing it on social media and follow the brands profile to see whats upcoming and such.Social media acts like a Contagious effect on products.When Brand profiles post something about the new product that will be getting released ,people will see that product and some or most of them will share the post which will be easily spread

Money over Quality

People are saying that brand that the designer brands are lower quality than the cheaper brands but people still buy the designer brand just because it is still designer and it may look better and is better advertised in which to make people want it.The designer brands look great and all but they don't work that good.The designer brands are always making big money from their products and here's one thing that designer brands know for sure they'll get their sales on.


When famous people are use in commercials to advertise for a product the people that see that commercial will be like "Oh hey look he uses that product I should use it too." It's always the celebrities that will make people go for it.When that product sales out the designer and the Celebrity will get the cash from that Commercial and that product. The people will soon want more products from the designer brands which increases the popularity of the brand and the celebrity if he/she took part in a lot of the brands Commercials and such.