Gun Safety

By: Dylan Schroeder

Should gun safety be taught to young children?

Gun safety should be taught to children because if they don't know how to use it properly they can shoot someone or something, also they need to know how to use it if they get into danger.
There have been many gun related accidents that could have been avoided if children knew how to use a gun properly. Some school shootings have been caused by improper use of guns by kids. The legal age to carry a weapon in Texas is 21 and it should stay that way unless kids are taught gun safety. Kids should be taught how to use guns so they don't shoot themselves or someone else. There wouldn't be as much accidents anymore if they just knew how to use guns correctly.

Text Evidence

Phil Chalmers says he's Americas leading juvenile homicide expert. He teaches students to not use guns to prevent school shootings. I think he is good because he has stopped school shootings.
David Montgomery says the legal age to get a gun license is 21. I think that is a responsible age to get a gun.
Texas Law Shield states that if you don't have a gun license it's illegal to carry a handgun off your own premise. I think that is a good law to have so some kid doesn't take a gun out and get in trouble.
Matthew D Sharp says machine guns are illegal. They should be illegal because they can be dangerous.
newsweek article states that you can't own a gun license if you have a criminal background. That is smart because if you are a criminal you can do much dangerous things with a gun.

Counter Argument

Some people think some hand guns should not be allowed on college campuses. That is a valid argument because they can be dangerous to other students. If students could have guns that might change their mind on what is safe and shoot someone. I still believe students should be able to own a gun after looking at both sides of the argument
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