USA and Canada relationship

By Luke Oliver

Economic relationship between USA and Canada

The USA and Canada share the world's largest trading relationship, which supports millions of jobs in every country. The NAFTA includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It has reduced trade barriers and a agreement with the trading rules. It also has resolved long standing bilateral irritants and liberalized rules in several areas, that includes agriculture, services, energy, financial services, investment, and government procurement.

The United States and Canada have one of the world's biggest investment relationship.

Social Relation Between US and Canada

Since 1989 the Free trade agreement came into act, trading of goods and services with the USA have tripled. The USA and Canada relationship for trading they exchange more than $1.5 million in goods and services in a minute in 2013. Canada is the USA largest trading country. The United States and Canada have close culture ties. The nations have been closely aligned since the cold wars.

Political Relation of the US and Canada

The political relationship between USA and Canada have changed over the last 17 years. Canada is a democratic constitutional Monarchy. The United States and Canada have helped each other through government problems that have occurred. the have joined together when wars have come towards them, and resolving the problem that happen in the states and some that do happen out of them. The only real time Canada has disagreed with the choices of the United States is when the US decided to get caught into the Vietnam War.
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