The E-safety manual

How to be safe online

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what is safe to put on social sites

With social sites you need to be careful to make sure that you are safe online. You can stay safe online if you don't put silly things on like your name EG Emma . It is also unsafe to put your address or your school/collage .This can be unsafe because people can track down where you live and they can come round to your house. Also it can be unsafe if you put pictures on of you or other people that you might know.
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How to stay safe on the internet

You can stay safe by not putting your whole name on or your age, or your school/work/collage not even your house this can keep you safe by not putting your personal details. If you put details of other people they might get angry and upset and you don't know a lot of the people on these social sites. Furthermore you might think that you know someone really well but in real life they might be someone that you don't know or someone that either just wants to use you or to get your details. After this there is a video off think you know it gives you some information about computing and using social sites