New study says that most forest fires are created by humans.

What we can do to help

  • To make sure that you dont accidentally start a forest fire, follow some of these tips or tricks
    • Burn only natural vegetation or untreated wood products.

    • Burn piles are at least 50 feet from structures and 500 feet from any forest slash.

    • Clear the area around the burn pile of any flammable debris.

    • Keep firefighting equipment handy - a connected water hose or at least five gallons of water and a shovel should be nearby.

    • Don't burn if it's too windy to burn - if trees are swaying, flags are extended, or waves appear on open water.

    • Be prepared to extinguish the fire if it becomes a nuisance.

    • Attend the fire until it is completely out.

    • Smoking should not be done while moving from one place to another in forest land. Make sure your butt is out - "dead out!"

    • Power saws must have a proper muffler and be accompanied by a round point shovel or fire extinguisher.

    • Cars, trucks and machinery must have proper exhaust systems when operated in or near forest land. Exhaust spark arresters are a requirement on certain machines.

    • Know your local emergency telephone number if a fire becomes uncontrollable.