Mustang News Special Edition!

April 6, 2016

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School site budgets (Action required)

From the desk of Paula Shannon, Chief of Staff

As we engage in action planning for Destination Excellence, we are taking the opportunity to make some small steps forward in creating opportunities for teacher leadership. These roles will support you in continuing to build your school leadership team and to distribute instructional leadership responsibilities. We are re-examining the roles of Team Leader and Department Chair to define how the responsibilities of these roles can best align to our emerging instructional and school cultural priorities. We know that you have completed your Site Budgets for FY17 and will likely want to make some changes after you learn about new thinking in regards to these positions.

Action required for principals:

  • Pause on proceeding with the assignment or recruitment for these roles until we are able to share why we are making some changes and provide some guidance.

Power School Alerts

From the Desk of Blaine Young, interim chief information and operations officer \and Kris Serna, executive director of accountability

Attachments: PowerSchool Alerts

A new alert has been added to PowerSchool. The alert is named 'Special Alert' and is included in the attachment. The alert will be used to indicate a special status for a student as reported by the parent/guardian upon enrollment to the district and/or a current Child Study Team in progress. Special status could be an Individual Education Plan, Gifted Talented, English Language Learner, 504plan, or Child Study Team.

The 'Special Alert' icon will display on the top of a PowerSchool page directly behind the title. Sites will enter child study team documentation using the Demographics - School Updates page. District staff will enter the parent/guardian reported status on the demographics page.

Detailed instructions on standard entry format and searching for the alert status are attached.

June EdCamp replaces PluggedIn: EdTech conference

From the desk of Suzie Smith, executive director of organizational and professional learning

Owner: All staff

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Organizational and Professional Learning department's second PluggedIn: EdTech Conference will not be held this year. While disappointed, we are also happy to announce that, in its place, Tulsa Public Schools will be hosting their fourth EdCamp 918 on June 1. Kenneth Grover has agreed to stay on for the EdCamp to facilitate discussions over blended and personalized learning throughout the day. Grover is the principal of Innovations High School in Utah - one of the first schools in America whose classes are completely personalized to fit student learning objectives.

If you haven't attended one of our other EdCamps, they are free "un-conferences" for educators to share ideas, collaborate and network together. EdCamps are innovative professional development opportunities completely driven by participants and structured to engage educators on the topics important to them.The power of the EdCamp resides in its participants; you do not need to be an expert to share your knowledge and experiences - just an educator eager to share and learn.

Be on the lookout for more information in the coming days! We hope you will consider attending TPS' EdCamp 918 on June 1!

PD on Your Plan Modules: Transitioning to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science

From: LeeAnne Jimenez, academic coordinator K-12 science

Owner: elementary teachers, all science teachers

Attachments: Science Modules

Many teachers from around the state are transitioning to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science adopted by the Oklahoma State Board of Education in March 2014 and signed into law by Governor Fallin in June of 2014. While many have browsed the documents, teachers and districts are beginning to consider how they might transition to the new science standards, as the state assessments for science given for 5th grade, 8th grade, and biology 1 will be aligned to the new standards in the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has developed a series of virtual modules to better support teachers, schools, and districts with the transition. The virtual modules, "PD on Your Plan," can be utilized for individual learning, staff development meetings, department meetings or professional learning community meetings.

Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI) available for math teachers

From: Perri Applegate, academic coordinator for secondary curriculum integration

Owner: teachers

Math teachers in grades 4 through 8 are now able to log in to Scholastic and work with their own students' data on the Math Inventory (formerly known as the Scholastic Math Inventory). They will go to the teacher's login and use their 5x2, all lowercase, for both username and password. It is highly recommended that teachers change their passwords. Resources for using SMI are available on the SMI page of the Curriculum and Instruction website. Instructional Coaches will also be able to assist teachers with accessing and using these data.

Tulsa Public Schools District Art Show and Levit Prize for Excellence in Art

From: Ann Tomlins, director of fine arts

Each year, all of our elementary, middle/junior high and high school sites are given space at the District Art Show to showcase student work. Traditionally, we exhibit approximately 5,000 works of art during the one-week exhibition. The District Art Show is currently in its 35th year and is a non-juried exhibition. All sites are encouraged to participate even if they do not have an art teacher.

The Levit Prize for Excellence in Art is a juried exhibition and is held concurrently with the District Art Show. Guidelines are posted on the Fine Arts website. Student cash prizes will be awarded for artists in grades 1-12.

Important Dates:

April 11 to 15: Exhibition open to the public, 8:00-4:30

April 12: Community Open House, 4:00-7:00

ESC Summer Internship available

From: Claire Schroepfer, TLE project specialist

Owners: teachers

Attachments: 2016 Internship Outline

With the purpose of empowering teachers and engaging them in the work of the district, TPS will offer a summer internship program for a novice teacher (1st through 5th year). Please forward this memo and the attached program outline, which contains detailed information, to eligible teachers in your building.

Tulsa Public Schools Kravis summer arts

From: Ann Tomlins, director of fine arts

Enrollment for the Kravis Summer Arts has opened. All registration materials are on the Tulsa Public Schools website here .

The camp is open to all students in grades 1-12. The elementary and middle school Kravis summer arts camps are held at Rogers High School. Students participate in dance, drama, music and visual art. The two-week camp culminates with a live performance and exhibition of student work. The high school Kravis summer arts program takes place at the University of Tulsa, in the School of Art building. College professors and high school advanced placement teachers offer a wide range of classes in Visual Arts.

Scholarships are available to all students in need. The elementary and middle school camps provide free lunch. Busing will be available from three hubs.

Video and registration forms are posted on the Fine Arts Website and the Tulsa Public Schools website.

Important Dates:

Camp dates: June 13-24, 2016

Camp registration deadline: May 20, 2016 (some classes fill early)

Scholarship Deadline: April 15, 2016

Thank you for your support of arts excellence!

Supporting K20 innovative educators (SKIE) awards

From: Taylor Hill-Taylor, director of college & career readiness

Attachment: K20Center SKIE Awards

Here's an opportunity for your teachers to showcase the great things they're doing in their classrooms with technology!

The K20Center of the University of Oklahoma wants to celebrate educators across the state who have demonstrated the ability to link student learning with the innovative use of technology, and they're encouraging all teachers to apply. Each regional winner will receive a personal $500 cash award. The state winner will receive a personal $1,500 cash award and the state winner's school will receive a $1,000 cash award.

Applications are due May 13. For more information, visit K20Center SKIE.

Professional Learning Commons

From: Earon Cunningham, director of instructional media and library services

What is a learning commons? A learning commons is... A place of teaching and learning, group work, collaboration, professional development, creativity, change, inquiry, communication and community.

The Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy is home to its own learning commons for your use. This learning commons features a library, the creation station teacher resource center, lounge furniture, small group learning areas, wifi, charging stations and a collaborative media table. The next time you are at Wilson come by the Professional Learning Commons.


Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Open late Tuesdays and Thursday until 6:00 p.m.