Stop Cyberbullying

We all can stop cyberullying together

What is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when bullying is use on phones computers and social media.

Examples of cyerbullying

some bully sent mean text messages or there are embarrassing pictures or the bully make a fake profiles.

three differences of cyerbullying and bullying.

Cyerbullying can happen 24 hour 7 days a week. Bullying is done face to face. People who cyerbullying is done anomalously.

Effects of cyberbullying

People that are getting cyberbully skip school, have low self esteem they have poor grades,unwilling to attend school, and they might use drugs.

Prevention and awareness

Adults can understand better by follow them on social media, know there password,have a sense of what they do on line,known the sites that they are on and encourage them to tell if something is going on.

Establishing rules

Here are some tips that can help be smart while online. Do not share things that you will get embarrass them self, not share your password with friends and encourage them to thank who they want to see it.

Reporting a cyberbully

Do not respond to cyberbully messages. Make sure that you keep evidence like the date time. Block the cyberbully it will help.

Reports to your online service provider

Here are two ways you can report cyberullying to online provider. Report it to the social media sits. Learn how to block users.

Report to your local law enforcement

Three activities involving cyberbullying that lead to contracting the law. Getting threats of violence, stalking and hate crimes and sending sexually explicit messages or photos.

Report to your school

The school can help you. They can information to help inform prevention and response. Many schools are required to address cyberblling.